Glimpses of IEEE SB BMSIT&M

Likitha Madhav M.R, Secretary for IEEE BMSIT&M Student Branch

IEEE BMSIT&M Student Branch led many interesting activities during the pandemic to keep the students engaged. We held meme making contest on 22nd June 2020 which witnessed 20 entries. Following this, a workshop on “Web API and JSON Parsing” was conveyed by Tushar Pandey to 50 participants on 23rd June 2020. An online technical quiz was directed by the IEEE BMSIT&M CS Student Chapter, on 9th July 2020 with 60 individuals participated in the event. Mr. Anand Jagadeesh, Secretary for IEEE CS Bangalore Chapter conducted the “Getting Xtreme Ready” Webinar on 18th July 2020, which was attended by 35 participants. The “Why IEEE?” Webinar was delivered by Dr. Abhishek Appaji, Chair for IEEE SIGHT Bangalore Chapter on 11th August 2020 to 30 students and professional members. “Our journey to the Center of IEEEarth” was a super exciting talk by Saptarshi Ghosh, Janani Ramachandran, Gaurav Sethia and Pranav Raikote on 16th August 2020, where these dynamic volunteers shared their experience as IEEE members to 30 participants.