Event Report of PES Bangladesh Chapter

Md. Zahidul Anam, Newsletter and Publicity Coordinator for IEEE PES Bangladesh Chapter

The Annual General Meeting and the Election of IEEE Power and Energy Society Bangladesh Chapter (BDC) 2020 was held on 8th January 2020 at Brac University in front of 30 participants. As part of PES Day activity, an online article writing competition is organized from 29th April to 10th May 2020 to invite novel ideas on how Electrical Engineering research can aid to combat this pandemic. To involve students more in brainstorming activities during this pandemic, on 23rd May 2020, BDC organized an idea contest “Enlight” in association with IEEE PES AUST and IEEE PES BRACU SBC where 33 participants submitted concept papers on ‘Technical Approach to Prevent Locust Swarm’. On 9th August 2020, IEEE NSU PES SBC with the support of BDC organized a Webinar on “Managing the Future Grid – A Balancing Act Among RE, EV & ES”. Dr. R. Nagaraja, Chair for IEEE PES India Chapters Council was the honorable speaker. Read more at