Emeritus Professor Chun Che Lance Fung, Chair, IEEE R10 Educational Activities Committee

IEEE R10 Ethics in Action

A revision of the IEEE Code of Ethics was adopted by the IEEE Board of Directors in June 2020. Members are expected to accept a personal obligation to the profession and commit to the highest standard of integrity, responsible behaviour, and ethical conduct in professional activities. On the other hand, more and more autonomous and intelligent systems are deployed in the society, but questions have been asked that whether such systems are conforming to the expected ethical standards and behaviours. To this end, the IEEE SA and the IEEE Global Initiative on Ethics of Autonomous and Intelligent Systems have carried out world leading work in the production of resources such as the Ethically Aligned Design series, eLearning modules and IEEE Standards P7000 to address the issues. The IEEE R10 EAC organised a webinar on 8th August 2020 to promote the above and aimed to raise members’ understanding and awareness of the issues. The webinar invited speakers including Professor S.K. Ramesh (2016-17 VP IEEE EAB), Dr. Greg Adamson (Chair, Ethics and Member Conduct Committee), Dr. Konstantinos Karachalios (MD, IEEE SA), Mr. John Havens (Executive Director, IEEE Global Initiative of Ethics and A/IS) and Mr. Yatin Trivedi (Treasurer and Member of BOG, IEEE SA). Ms. Purva Ekatpure and Mr. Aravindhan Anbazhagan did an excellent job of organising the webinar and promotion of the event. The webinar was well attended and lively interaction was exchanged during the Q&A, with discussions among the panel members. It is believed that attendees of the event have benefited richly from the sharing by the speakers, thereby raising the awareness of the issues among the community.

IEEE R10 Project Reaching Locals

The IEEE R10 EAC Project Reaching Locals has been actively pursued by many IEEE OUs in Region 10. The Japan Council has conducted many sessions in Japanese under the IEEE Engineering Spotlight program ( and the production of subtitles in Japanese and Chinese for the ICRA2019 keynote ( The Indonesia Section has organised and hosted a webinar series with speakers in Indonesia as well as international speakers delivered in English. ( In India, the Hyderabad Section has also conducted webinars in Hindi, Telugu and Urdu, while other Sections have expressed their interest to do similar events. IEEE China Council and Sections are also actively promoting IEEE in Weibo (, the China Social Media channel.


An online presentation of the IEEE Educational Resources, Educational Activities and update of the IEEE Project Reaching Locals will be held in the IEEE SYWL Congress on 20th September, 2020. Speakers include Professor Stephen Phillips (VP, IEEE Educational Activities Board), Mr. Jamie Moesch (Managing Director, IEEE Educational Activities), Professor Takako Hashimoto, (EAB Pre-University Education Coordination Committee), Dr. Nia Kurnianingsih, (Vice-Chair, IEEE Indonesia Section), Dr. Amit Kumar, (Chair, IEEE Hyderabad Section), Professor GaoYun An, (Secretary/Treasurer, IEEE Beijing Section) and Professor Lance Fung (Chair, IEEE R10 EAC). Professor Phillips and Mr. Moesch will introduce the resources from IEEE EAB and in particular the multi-lingual platform for TryEngineering and related sites. Professor Hashimoto, Dr. Kurnianingsih, Dr. Amit Kumar and Professor GY An will share their work and best practices on the use of local languages for the promotion of IEEE and Educational Resources in Japan, Indonesia, India and China respectively.