IEEE Region 10 continues to nurture and develop strong awards and recognitions program to promote outstanding volunteer services and contributions. Please join us in congratulating all the award recipients for the recently announced 2020 IEEE Region 10 Awards.

Outstanding Large Section

Bangalore Section – in recognition and appreciation of valuable services and contributions

IEEE Bangalore Section has organized more than 1000 technical events with the help of Society Chapters and Student Branches. In the year 2019, Bangalore Section organized 2 international events namely WiE Leadership Summit and WiE-ECE Con. To engage with Younger Industry professionals, a new Industry award namely IEEE Bangalore-Young Technologist of the Year award was introduced. Student Technology Day and Section Students-Young Professional-WiE-LM Congress was organized to keep members engaged. As part of individual member benefit, Senior Member Elevation Program (SIMPLE) was organized. For potential Fellow members, Fellow Identification and Nomination Exercise (FINE) were also organized.

*IEEE Bangalore Section features in this issue’s Large Section of the Month column on page 25.

Outstanding Medium Section

Gujarat Section – in recognition and appreciation of valuable services and contributions

The IEEE Gujarat Section has always been a pioneer in organizing programs for professionals and students. Its annual event ‘Sampark’ gives a platform to student members to design IEEE events of the year as per their own needs and requirements. The Section has shown its strengths by hosting annual flagship events like INDICON and TENSYMP in the past five years. Other technical events such as the National Seminar on Computer Vision and Image Processing (NaSCoVIP), National Seminar on New Trends in Signal and Image Processing (NeTSIP), and Section Technical Expert Program (STEP) are routinely held to bring new and existing volunteers for knowledge sharing with experts in academia and industry.   Gujarat Section is equipped with twelve chapters, two council chapters, YP and WIE AG, and 28 Student Branches. Many chapters of the Section are very vibrant throughout the year. The SPS Chapter of the Gujarat Section won the “2015 and 2016 Chapter of the Year Award” and the Sensor Council chapter won the “2018 Chapter of the Year Award”.

Outstanding Small Section

Australian Capital Territory Section – in recognition and appreciation of valuable services and contributions

The IEEE Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Section, established in 1988, is located in Canberra, Australia and serves IEEE members in ACT as well as the surrounding areas in NSW. It has 12 chapters and groups covering several subjects with Signal Processing and Communications members being the largest subscriber base. Despite the relatively low population density of the territory, the Section membership has been relatively stable at around 500 members which constitutes about 0.1% of the territory population. IEEE suffered worldwide a decrease in membership due to Covid-19 and ACT Section has equally suffered with membership number slumping down to low 400 in first quarter 2020. However, a slow and steady recovery is underway with September figure around 450 members.

Large Section Membership Growth and Retention Award

Hong Kong Section

Throughout the history of IEEE Hong Kong (HK) Section since 1972, it has served as the cradle of many prolific and renowned academicians, industry leaders and researchers. There are more than 9000 IEEE members in Hong Kong. Senior Section officers provide guidance and advice to establish and strengthen the bonding among 20 Chapters, 4 Affinity Groups and various Student Branches. LMAG and YPAG founded in 2020 share leadership experience and R&D expertise for succession planning among all IEEE HK Section units.  The Section aims to contribute multidisciplinary model programs from Hong Kong to all regions worldwide for technology advancement and humanity!

Medium Section Membership Growth Award

Tainan Section

The IEEE Tainan Section was initiated by a preparatory committee and formally formed in 2003. Currently, it has more than 740 members in Taiwan. There are 16 Chapters in the Tainan Section and 2 Affinity Groups: YP and WIE. Tainan Section has been awarded the outstanding achievement in member retention during the 2015 membership year. IEEE Tainan Section Annual Awards consists of 8 different aspects and has been regularly given since 2003. Award receivers are selected from the nominee pools by a thorough review performed by Awards Chairs and reviewers. Every year, Tainan Section holds technical events and invites keynote speakers in various fields of expertise for our members to share mutual experiences.

Medium Section Membership Retention Award

Queensland Section

The Queensland Section was established in 1985. Today, the Section has 10 active chapters and 3 affinity groups. Over 70 committee members including the Section executive committee, chapter and affinity groups’ officers, student branch volunteers and student councilors are driving the success of the Section forward. The Queensland Section is a medium section with approximately 985 members and growing. Each year, the Section encourages its members to pursue higher membership status and currently has 13 senior and 27 life members.

Small Section Membership Growth Award

Northern Australia Section

Small Section Membership Retention Award

Vietnam Section

R10 SAC Outstanding Student Branch Award

Panimalar Institute of Technology Student Branch, Madras Section – in recognition and appreciation of valuable services and contributions

Panimalar Institute of Technology Student Branch is dedicated in following the vision and mission of IEEE. It is established in the year 2013 with the objective to help students to recognize real-world challenges and nurture innovative ideas. The SB organizes more than 100 events every year. It has 23 Student Branch Chapters. 10 students bagged the REM Scholarship, 1 student bagged the UPE Scholarship and the IEEE WIE Inspiring Student Member Award. Student branch Counselor Mr. M. Arun has been awarded with MGA IEEE Outstanding Branch Counselor Award and Branch Chapter Advisor Award 2019. The counselor and SB have been receiving the Best Counselor award & Best SB award from Madras Section consecutively for the past 5 years.

R10 YP Outstanding Section Affinity Group Award

IEEE Bangalore Section Young Professionals Affinity Group – in recognition and appreciation of valuable services and contributions

IEEE Bangalore Section Young Professionals Affinity Group has been a very active volunteering group ever since its inception. With an active team, YP Bangalore strives to deliver value to its members and potential members by organizing relevant technical and non-technical events as well as webinars on professional development. Some of the notable events conducted include the STEP and TISP, as well as collaborative events such as Mentor4You, a mentorship initiative at Section level. These provide a good platform for networking amongst members by organizing regular meet-ups and industry visits to prestigious companies such as CDAC, Cisco etc. The entire YP team works in unison with its sister society chapters and the Section to organize quality events such as global congress for the benefit of IEEE members. Recently, membership count of YP Bangalore has crossed 2000 which is an excellent milestone.

R10 WIE Outstanding Section Affinity Group Award

IEEE Hyderabad Section WIE Affinity Group – in recognition and appreciation of valuable services and contributions

IEEE Hyderabad Section WIE Affinity Group is actively involved in organizing various events for the benefit of students and professionals. The group started the flagship events “Lalitha Memorial Lecture” in the memory of “Ayyalasomayajula Lalitha”, the First Woman Engineer in India, to inspire young girls and boys to achieve their goals despite facing hurdles in life. Other events organized by the affinity group includes the self-defense programs, talks on health and hygiene, Women Conclave, All Hyderabad Computer Society WIE Congress (AHCWC), All India Student, Young Professional and Women in Engineering Congress (AISYWC) 2019, 1st All Hyderabad Section Women in Engineering Section Student Congress (AHWIESC) etc. to bring together industry and academia. The group is collaborating with various chapters within the Section as well as involving Student Branches in conducting events, so that it benefits all members.

R10 WIE Outstanding Student Branch Affinity Group Award

Sardar Patel Institute of Technology WIE Student Branch Affinity Group, Bombay Section – in recognition and appreciation of value services and contributions

WIE Sardar Patel Institute of Technology (SPIT) committee is a small and energetic collection of student WIE volunteers. All the events organized by WIE SPIT are planned and executed in accordance with the theme of Women Empowerment. WIE SPIT abides to the creation of leadership roles and career development for women by organizing technical skills workshops, as well as seminars to enhance knowledge and improve skills. WIE SPIT also works as an empowering mediator to assist the development of dynamic woman entrepreneurs. To boost one’s confidence, programs in the domain of health and security are conducted for all students and staff.

R10 Education Activities Outstanding Group Award

Hyderabad Section Education Society Chapter – in recognition and appreciation of valuable services and contributions

In line with the vison and mission of IEEE Educational Activities, the IEEE Education Society Hyderabad Chapter is being vibrant in organizing activities. In this COVID-19 pandemic situation most of the educational institutions have adopted to the remote-classroom teaching. IEEE Education Society have conducted a session to enlighten the knowledge on the usage of Online Teaching Tools for effective teaching-learning process. The webinar aimed at providing the faculty with insights into some of the technologies available. The session empowered the faculty with the essential knowledge required to use these technologies as well as to select a tool based on the requirement. The possible assessment tools were also explored. It was a very informative session with over 200 faculty academics in attendance. Besides this, the Chapter have also organized events like Teaching with Matlab in Modern Classroom, Digital Pedagogy for Synchronous and Asynchronous Learning in Higher Education, Technical Paper Writing, and many more focusing towards quality improvement in the education field. Despite the pandemic situation, the Chapter has organized more than 30 webinars through which hundreds of faculty academics were benefited.