Hyderabad Section

“Cow never gives milk, we squeeze milk from the cow. IEEE wouldn’t give you anything, you take out what you need from IEEE”, this membership pitch made to Vamsi Krishna Jadala at his college made him join IEEE & he has never left an opportunity to leave any stone unturned. Vamsi has been an active member of IEEE since 2012, holding several responsibilities from the student branch level to the IEEE MGA SAC Virtual Speakers Bureau. He is currently volunteering as the Vice-Chair for ECIM at IEEE India Council, and the Chair for IEEE Hyderabad Young Professionals. He is currently on the committee of IEEE Students Virtual Speakers Bureau, an initiative started by the Student Activities Committee in 2020, which helps students & student branches find virtual speakers using online tools & resources. Vamsi is a recipient of 2019 MGA IEEE Young Professionals Achievement Award. Prior to this, he volunteered in the roles of Vice-chair for Young Professionals India Council, Secretary for IEEE Hyderabad YP AG, and Ambassador for IEEE Day for Section and Region. Nine years into volunteering as an IEEE Member, Vamsi now helps his fellow volunteers for sustainable development and foster the spirit of volunteering in IEEE.

Vamsi holds a bachelor’s degree in Electronics & Communication Engineering from Vignana Bharathi Institute of Technology (VBIT), Hyderabad India. His key expertise lies around program management, technology validation, idea validation, policy making, leadership in motivation of dynamic teams along with strong program management & organizational skills. With a career spanning over the last 5 years, he is highly effective in communicating and maintaining employee & volunteer morale while maximizing productivity with efficiency. After his stint at Extravelmoney & Veeble, he joined stuMagz – a student discovery platform made with love for India and has received several accolades along with being listed in Forbes Asia 30 under 30 in 2018. In 2019, Vamsi joined TiE [The IndUS Entrepreneurs] Hyderabad, a non-profit organization supporting start-ups through networking, and raising of capital for new and experienced entrepreneurs as Program Champion spearheading Education Initiatives.

Vamsi volunteered with IEEE Education Society Student Activities Committee for the years 2015 to 2017 working on D2S (IEEE Direct to Students, Direct to Society). This is an initiative launched by IEEE Education Society in Philippines in 2013 and now has spread to all regions. The background of the project was to provoke engineering students to build homemade solutions to meet people’s problems, whenever there was a natural disaster. D2S aimed to empower rural and urban informal sector youth to address district problems via frugal engineering innovations.  It was during his mentorship the IEEE VBIT Student Branch received the Region10 Exemplary Student Branch Award in the year 2015 and the Best Website Award in the year 2018.

Vamsi has been an integral part of over 100 events over the last 9 years of his active membership (both student & YP), which includes major events like IEEE R10 SGW-Hyderabad, IEEE R10 SYWLC-Bangalore, IEEE All India Student Young Professional Women in Engineering Congress (2015 to 2019), IEEE WiE Leadership Summit (2015 to 2018), IEEE Technology Entrepreneurship Summit (first of its kind in Indian OU towards entrepreneurship), All India Computer Society Student Young Professional Congress 2016-Hyderabad & IEEE INDICON as a vibrant volunteer. These are major events in IEEE India as well as in IEEE Region 10. Most of the events volunteered or spearheaded by Vamsi involves bootcamps, workshops, technical training, meet-ups, etc.

Vamsi plays a vital role in connecting the current Graduate Student Members & Young Professionals in collaborating with the industry regularly at various events and helping them understand what they want versus what they need. Vamsi is also a Program Mentor of IEEE VOLT [Volunteer Leadership Program] since 2019. When asked about what volunteering means to him, Vamsi recollected this famous quote by Sherry Anderson which is “Volunteers don’t get paid. Not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless”.  When asked about what new volunteers should keep in mind when it comes to volunteering: “Persistence & patience are the key. Positions come and go, you as an individual with your ethics to help/develop the community remain.