Gujarat Section

Chirag Paunwala, Secretary for IEEE Gujarat Section


The mantra behind sustainable growth of any Student Branch is all aboutcollaborative student activities from various places with intense interactive sessions and exchange of ideas at a common forum. For this, SAMPARK is organized by IEEE Gujarat section every year. SAMPARK as an event was initiated to act as launch pad to bring new innovative ideas, concerns facing students and common issues faced by various Student Branch and its members.

SAMPARK2020 was organized on 5th January 2020 at U.V. Patel College of Engineering and Technology by its Student Branch, with active participation from various student branches. With approximate participation of more than 400 members across Gujarat, the tag line is “Reach Out and Engage” as it’s the only event which is organized by students, for students. There were various functions organized throughout the day with active participation from all student branches.

  1. The event was started with poster presentation where participating branches displayed events organized during the previous year as well as shared various other events to be organized by them in the coming year. This is very important aspect as it provides new student branches an idea about good practices followed by various established branches. They also get an idea about the activities planned with potential collaborations.
  2. Open forum conducted during SAMPARK2020 primarily revolves around knowing each other, sharing contacts, and developing new relation between Section ExCom and students from various educational institutes which are part of IEEE Gujarat Section. This also provided an excellent opportunity for students to discuss various IEEE related queries with the Section ExCom and plan their activity for the year.
  3. Various awards were given to the student volunteers and student branches during SAMPARK2020 after scrutinizing through various parameters including volunteering activities and various events organized by them, which keep them motivated to continue the good work in future.
  4. All branch counselors along with branch chairs conducted a formal meeting with ExCom of IEEE Gujarat Section which acted as a good platform to understand need of student branches, various problems faced by them with effective solution as well as support from Gujarat Section ExCom.
  5. Students exhibited project and shared their idea and implementation during ‘Project Presentation’. Various student branches across Gujarat came with their projects. They shared their ideas with each other. This year 17 projects have been selected for presentation and display. Top three groups have been given award for their innovative ideas.