IEEE RAS Bangladesh Chapter

Mohammad Zakaria Haider, Treasurer for IEEE RAS Bangladesh Chapter

IEEE RAS Hackathon 2019

IEEE RAS HACKATHON 2019 was held in Dhaka on 29th November 2019, organized by IEEE RAS Bangladesh Chapter and supported by IEEE Bangladesh Section, collocated with four IEEE Conferences (RAAICON, BECITHCON, PEEIACON, SPICSCON). Around 60 participants from different student branches along with international participants from different countries formed 15 different groups to participate in the 24-hour long intensive hackathon. The members of the Champion Team ENIGMA are Ashiqur Rasul, Himaddri Roy, Maisoon Rahman and Prasun Datta. The 1st Runner Up team OBHIJAATRIC consisted of Hossain Md. Sabir, Md. Fatin Ishmam and Md. Mustafizur Rahman. The 2nd Runner Up team INSURGENT consisted of Shubham Mahajan, Nahiyan Bin Noor and Tanvir Raihan Khan. Md Zakaria Haider and Abul Al Arabi presided over the whole hackathon. IEEE RAS Bangladesh Chapter prompted gratitude to Dr. Celia Shahnaz and Dr. Shaikh Fattah, respectively the Vice-Chair and Chair of IEEE RAS Bangladesh Chapter, who pioneered the idea and vision of such a hackathon.