IEEE RAS Malaysia Chapter

Mohamed Khan, Chairman for IEEE RAS Malaysia Chapter

2020 FYP Competition at UNITEN

The event was sponsored by IEEE Malaysia RAS Chapter and IEEE UCSI Student Branch and was held at the College of Engineering, Main Hall, Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN) on 11th February 2020. This event was an annual event conducted by the Faculty of Engineering, UNITEN. The main objective was to showcase the student final year projects from various engineering faculties, which provides a platform for the students to demonstrate their innovative knowledge. The event was represented by more than 25 teams. Before that all the panel judges from industries and academic side were well briefed by Dr. Zafri, senior lecturer in the engineering faculty about the rules and the terms. Each student team was given 20 minutes to explain their projects which includes 5 minutes Q/A session.  At the end the top three teams were selected for the awards. Dr. Mohamed Khan from UCSI University who is also the Vice Chair for IEEE RAS Malaysia Chapter was invited as one of the panel judges representing the chapter.

Workshop and Technical Talk on FURHAT and PEPPER Service Robots

The event took place on 10th February 2020 at UCSI University with the involvement of IEEE UCSI Student Branch. The workshop started with a welcoming speech by the event chairman Dr. Khan. During the workshop students from various engineering disciplines were taught the working principle and the design and applications of two different service robots manufactured by different companies. It was the first time all the students were given a hands-on working exposure to both FURHAT and PEPPER Robots. Programming concepts about the robot arm of the mobile robot were also explained. Dr. Khan took this opportunity to explain his own project on robotic exoskeleton used for medical rehabilitation techniques. The benefit of being a professional member in IEEE and IEEE RAS Malaysia Chapter were also briefed to 60 attended students.

Technical Talks at Universiti Teknologi Petronas

Two technical talks were conducted at the Universiti Teknologi Petronas. In the first talk on 5th February 2020, Prof. Tan Maw Pin from the University of Malaya delivered a lecture on AI Techniques, Cerebral Blood Flow. In the second talk on 5th March 2020, Dr. Firdaus from the General Hospital Kuala Lumpur gave a talk on Engineering in Medical Research. For each event 40 participants attended.