Ms. Janani Ramachandran, Content Writer for R10 Student Activities Committee

Our speaker Hossam Ali, Branch Chapter Representative at IEEE Students presented a webinar on the topic “HOW IEEE CAN ENRICH YOUR EXPERIENCE AND ADVANCE YOUR CAREER”. He spoke about the business culture and diversity which is being followed among most of the companies correlating with his experience as a Project Manager in The Missing Link.

Management – A Key Skill

Management is the key factor that plays a very important role in achieving a goal in an organization as well as in life. The speaker discussed the People Management according to the circumstances which are faced by one in his/her company. He explained about the attitude which acts as a game-changer in approaching different kinds of people in our day to day life. He also spoke about Time Management 4Ds which every individual should follow in their work life. The 4Ds are Do it now, Decide when to do it, Delegate it, and Dump it. He emphasized that if one follows these 4D’s it would help them to excel in their personal life as well as work life.

7 steps – Career Game Changer

 The first step is to attend a relevant course which will make them take an extra step towards their career goal. The second step is to build a network of people who are involved in the same stream that they are working in. The third step is to get a mentor who can inculcate a wide range of knowledge to you. The fourth step is to help someone with daily tasks to get hands-on experience. The fifth step is to create an attractive CV and LinkedIn Profile which can give you an ocean of opportunities. The sixth step is to show interest in internal jobs and the last seventh step is to apply for external jobs and learn from an interview. He also discussed how one can learn from each and everyone around them. It may be a leadership quality, skill, or how to handle the situations.  The whole session was interactive and informative which was attended by 1300+ participants via webex and Facebook Livestream.