Kerala Section

Abey Easow Joseph is a graduate in Electronics and Communication Engineering from College of Engineering Chengannur affiliated to Cochin University of Science and Technology (CUSAT), Kerala. He is currently working as a Product Manager at Entri Inc., an Education Technology Start-up Company based in Kochi, India, which provides a test preparation platform for various job-oriented competitive exams in India. He has been an IEEE member since 2010, when he started his IEEE journey as a student member during the freshman year of his undergraduate degree. He started his IEEE volunteering career as a ground volunteer in his Student Branch and eventually excelled his way to be the SB Chair. He has been an integral part of IEEE Kerala Section’s activities since his graduation in 2014.

Abey has held various responsibilities in IEEE Kerala Section and IEEE Kochi Subsection over the last few years. In 2017, he held the responsibilities of Electronic Communication Coordinator of IEEE Kerala Section and Student Transition & Elevation Working Group Head of IEEE Kerala Young Professionals. In 2018, he was the Co-chair, Membership Development Committee of IEEE Kerala Section and currently holds the responsibilities of the Membership Development Chair and Awards Committee Convener of IEEE Kerala Section. He also volunteers as the Treasurer of IEEE Kochi Subsection and Student Branch mentor of his alma mater. In his previous roles, utilizing his professional experience, he has increased the public outreach of IEEE widely within the community, especially for Young Professionals.

He was instrumental in the transition of student members to Young Professionals in his section during the period 2016-2019. In these capacities, he has conducted 60+ IEEE and Young Professional awareness sessions for Students, Graduate Student Members, Industry Practitioners and Academicians. These initiatives and campaigns led to an increase in student member retention rate of Kerala Section from 13% in 2017 to 23.7% in 2018 and 26% in 2019.

In 2016, Abey initiated a year-long internship program for the student members of Kerala Section. The aim of this program was to bridge the gap between industry and academia so that the students would be aware of the industry requirements. The program was helpful for student members and it contributed a lot to the onset of their professional career. This program still runs successfully as an outreach initiative of IEEE Kerala Section and IEEE Kerala Young Professionals. Abey was also instrumental in the successful conduction of IEEE ISTAS 2016, IEEE TENSYMP 2017 and IEEE TENCON 2019 conferences. He was a core member of the organizing committee of these conferences and led the publicity team in all instances.

Right from being a student volunteer of IEEE, he was very keen on understanding the needs of the members and focused on initiating streamlined activities that delivered member satisfaction and helped in increasing the value of membership. 10 years down the lane, this same spirit thrives in him, and while serving the members of IEEE in each of his designated roles, he makes sure that he identifies the requirements and takes up the responsibility to cater to them.  For his invaluable contributions and high impact adherence of responsibilities, he was awarded the IEEE Kerala Section Outstanding Young Professional Volunteer Award for 2018 and IEEE Region 10 Young Professionals Outstanding Volunteer (Industry) Award in 2019.

“I have been an active volunteer of IEEE since my student days. IEEE has played a vital role in defining who I am today. I did things that I thought I could never do, only after I joined IEEE. When I joined, one thing I heard was, if you give your time to IEEE, you’ll always get 10x benefits. It has been true in my life for the past 10 years.  

Being a part of the Young Professional community has made great things happen to me. The experiences I have had with the community is one of the major factors that has helped me grow in my career. Also, the spirit of Joy of Volunteering is something that always keeps me going forward. 

Getting involved in Young Professionals is the best thing for a professional in the early stages of their career. If you put your time into it, you definitely won’t regret it. The experiences you’ll enjoy is something one cannot get from anywhere else. It will definitely help you to achieve your career goals and build everlasting relationships for a lifetime.”

Abey Easow Joseph