IEEE Women In Engineering Sri Lanka

Tharushi Nathasha, Editor for IEEE WIE AG Sri Lanka

Code with WIE – Let’s Rise Together

The unexpected global pandemic, COVID-19, has brought about complications for many countries that are unique to their local communities. In Sri Lanka, the local communities in different geographical areas suffer from day to day social issues other than the health issues caused by COVID-19. Identifying the current problems that each local community is facing can be very challenging with the limited infrastructure available.

Code with WIE – Let’s Rise Together, organized by the IEEE WIE Sri Lanka Affinity Group in collaboration with IEEE HAC & SIGHT, was aimed at inspiring the creation of cost-effective, user friendly and easy to implement ICT solutions that will help to improve the quality of life for people in such communities, as well as save those in vulnerable conditions due to situations like COVID-19. This will encourage university students to develop products that solve the critical problems arising due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The applications were opened for IEEE and WIE members together with other individuals for collaborative projects as teams. We received around 12 proposals from teams consisting of undergraduates from various universities. The teams went through an initial prototype/design submission stage where they presented their ideas to the selection board. Six teams were selected to proceed with their work to the finale which will be held on 28th June 2020. At the final stage, an evaluation will take place wherein the teams will be judged based on the final product or prototype which they have come up with. During the final evaluation, the three best products will be selected and they will receive financial aid from IEEE HAC & SIGHT to continue their work for the benefit of their communities.