IEEE Life Members AG Tokyo

Naohisa Ohta, Secretary for IEEE LMAG Tokyo

LMAG Tokyo’s Technical Tour to Mt. Fuji Radar Dome (IEEE Milestone)

IEEE LMAG Tokyo held a technical tour to Mount Fuji Radar Dome in Fuji-Yoshida on 30th August 2019, with 18 participants. The event was co-sponsored by the History Committee and the TPC of IEEE Tokyo Section, and cooperated by IEICE Tokyo Section. Completed on the top of Mt. Fuji in 1964, the radar system successfully played a role of “Typhoon Observation Fort” for 35 years. The radar system was awarded IEEE Milestone in 2000 and was moved to the current facility for opening to public. By request from LMAG Tokyo, Mr. Koichi Hirashima of Mitsubishi Electric Corp., an expert of weather radar, kindly participated in this tour to guide us. The participants enjoyed the story on how the engineers were challenged to construct the radar system on the top of Mt. Fuji and experienced the severe environment in the simulation room.

Radar Dome Museum with Prof. Ohta and Mr. Hirashima in front.