All JC LMAGs Jointly Meet Online

Naohisa Ohta, Vice Chair for IEEE LMAG Tokyo

The first joint meeting of all Japan Council LMAGs (Kansai, Nagoya, Sendai and Tokyo) was held online via Zoom at 19:00 – 22:00 on 18th December, 2020. There were 20 people, officers and relevant members participated from each LMAG. This meeting was proposed by Prof. Takano, LMAG-Tokyo Chair and organized by Prof. Nakamura, LMAG-Kansai Chair.

First, Prof. Aoyama, Japan Council LM Coordinator reported some discussions in the JC Board Meeting. He referred to a number of Life Members in JC (1,018), LMAG activities, and a potential new LMAG foundation. He also encouraged LMAG-Tokyo to apply for the Achievement Award and suggested the next JC LM Coordinator. Then, all participants introduced themselves and shared some ideas and proposals for new activities of LMAGs including music and culture. The meeting was also regarded as a get-together, and all attendants enjoyed talking about a variety of LMAG topics for 3 hours until the closing.