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IEEE Japan Council Manga Project for Promoting STEM fields

Prepared by: Takako Hashimoto, Chair for IEEE Japan Council

There are about 14,000 IEEE members in Japan and 9 Sections are located in Japan. IEEE Japan Council was established on 25th June 1999 to serve as a link between these Sections. Takako Hashimoto, Chiba University of Commerce is presently the Chair of the council. IEEE Japan council promotes IEEE activities in all of Japan. IEEE Japan Council has now come up with the free release of three mangas (both Japanese and English versions) to promote awareness of STEM fields.


Project Outline:

IEEE Japan Council Student Activities Committee (Chair: Kohei Ohno, Meiji University) organized a Manga plot contest for IEEE student members. IEEE Japan Council, DNP, Maruzen Yushodo (IEEE’s exclusive distributor in Japan), and professional manga artists served as judges to select the following three works from the student entries and publish them as comics.


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“ORIKOU! Riko-chan (Clever Riko-chan)” (Japanese / English)

Author: A student of the Department of Environmental Science, International College of Arts and Science, Fukuoka Women’s University

Story: Riko-chan, a genius science girl who can hardly be considered an elementary school student, uses mathematical models and simulations to solve the little mysteries of everyday life in this new kind of coming-of-age mystery.

“SANSHIN CHO-DE! (Sanshin Brothers)” (Japanese / English)

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Authors: A student of Mechanical Engineering Course, Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Aoyama Gakuin University.

Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, College of Science and Engineering, Aoyama Gakuin University.

Story: A love story set in Okinawa about a sanshin (musical instrument) craftsman and a female university student studying acoustic engineering.

“KOGAKU JOSHI (Girls in Engineering)” (Japanese / English)
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Author: A student of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology.

Story: Three girls studying in the Department of Engineering, who find their own way by rethinking “engineering” from their own perspectives.


Copyright:The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers(IEEE)
Authors:Students of IEEE Japan Council Student Activities
Editors: Researchers, students, and office staff of IEEE Japan Council
Script: Yasunori Kasuga
Character Development: Gatakett Co., Ltd.
Published by MARUZEN-YUSHODO Co., Ltd.
Production Support: Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.

How to Access:

IEEE members and non-members can access the website by filling in the required information at:


For more information, please contact:

IEEE Japan Council Secretariat jc@ieee-jp.org