IEEE Kerala Section Malabar Subsection

Bi-Weekly Webinar Series

Sabiq P V, Chair for IEEE Malabar Subsection

With the intention of sharing knowledge among students, professionals, faculty members and common people, Malabar Subsection is organizing a Bi-Weekly Webinar on alternate Thursdays. Upon successful completion of 100 episodes of Weekly Webinar which was started during pandemic COVID 19, Malabar Subsection decided to continue the online mode of talk to share knowledge, with the frequency of the webinars reduced to bi-weekly. This online mode of talk has given an opportunity for students and other techno-enthusiastic persons to spend quality time towards learning new soft skills through digital devices, media and other latest technologies. The main benefits of hosting a webinar include building a network among experts, establishing oneself as a trustworthy source and enabling anyone to participate in the event from a distant location. The bi-weekly webinar series started on 14th July 2022 by Dr. Dileep G, CEO for Advay Power Limited (Start Up) Kerala on the topic Brain Waves Modelling and Decoding. A total of 6 talks were organized by Malabar Subsection as of now, in which resource persons from different parts of the country delivered the talks on relevant topics. In total 40 participants joined the webinar series.

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