Newsletter of JAPAN YP Meet 2020

He Li, Chair for IEEE Young Professionals AG Sapporo

The Japan YP meet was held after the IEEE Japan SYWL Workshop in Hiroshima (and Online) 2020. YP members from all Sections got together again and discussed the status and future plans of each YP groups. In the group discussion, representatives of YP from each Section introduced the development and problems at hand. Nagoya YP considered that it was difficult to hold events to broaden knowledge. Tokyo YP indicated that there was still a small number of active members despite carrying out many events. Compared with the situation in India, it should be attributed to the different evaluation methods and work styles. Sendai YP considered expanding the coverage of the YP group in Tohoku as an important developing target in the future. Sapporo YP, which was established this year, thought on how to increase regional awareness, and developing cooperation between enterprises would be the initial development focus.