IEEE Fellows Elevated as of January 2021 – Region 10

Australian Capital Territory Section

Xiuping Jiafor contributions to feature mining and classification of hyperspectral images

Beijing Section

Hongke Zhangfor contributions to high-speed railway communications
Hua Gengfor contributions to control of renewable energy power converters
Huadong Mafor contributions to multimedia sensor networks
I Chih-linfor leadership in wireless mobile networks
Jie Tangfor contributions to knowledge discovery from data and social network mining
Junzhi Yufor contributions to bio-inspired swimming robots
Lintao Zhangfor contributions to computer-aided verification with efficient Boolean satisfiability solvers
Shixia Liufor contributions to visual text analysis and visual model analysis
Wenchuan Wufor contributions to energy management, operations, and control
Xiaofeng Liaofor contributions to neurodynamic systems and chaotic cryptography
Yu Zhengfor contributions to spatio-temporal data mining and urban computing
Zhao-liang Lifor contributions to thermal infrared remote sensing
Zhaocheng Wangfor contributions to pilot design and modulation of OFDM wireless systems

Chengdu Section

Chunming Lifor contributions to computer vision and medical image analysis

Delhi Section

Richa Singhfor contributions to robust and secure biometrics

Fukuoka Section

Gourab Majumdarfor contribution to power semiconductor devices and intelligent power module

Guangzhou Section

Jizhong Zhufor application of optimization methods for real-time economic power system operation
Jun Lifor contributions in hyperspectral image processing

Hefei Subsection

Houqiang Lifor contributions to video coding and multimedia content analysis
Meng Wangfor contributions to multimedia content analysis and retrieval

Hong Kong Section

Cong Wangfor contributions to security of cloud storage and computation
Francis Laufor contributions to analysis of chaotic comm. systems and low-density parity-check code design
Kaibin Huangfor contributions to wirelessly powered communications and multi-antenna communications
Matthew Mckayfor contributions to random matrix theory in statistical signal processing
Pascal Vontobelfor contributions to graphical models for channel coding

Kansai Section

Jun Ohtafor contributions to CMOS image sensors and devices for biomedical applications
Shinzo Tamaifor contributions to control for motor drives and three-level converters
Tomohiro Nakatanifor contributions to far-field signal processing for speech enhancement and recognition

Nagoya Section

Jianqing Wangfor contributions to electro-magnetic compatibility of biological and wearable/implant devices

Nagpur Subsection

Hiralal Suryawanshifor contributions to converters for renewable energy systems, drives, and electrical machines

Nanjing Section

Dong Yuefor contributions to network-based control and its applications to power systems
Geyi Wenfor contributions to antenna quality factor
Hanchuan Pengfor contributions to visualization and quantitative analysis of large-scale biological data

New South Wales Section

Alberto Avoliofor contributions to knowledge and monitoring of arterial hemodynamics
Shujun Zhangfor contributions to the development of advanced piezoelectrics for transducers
Willy Susilofor contributions to cloud computing security
Wing Kwan Ngfor contributions to resource allocation for wireless communication networks

Queensland Section

Daniel Quevedofor contributions to optimal and model predictive control
Firuz Zarefor contribution to power converters and leadership role in standardization

Sendai Section

Tetsuya Suemitsufor contributions to high-frequency high-electron-mobility transistors

Seoul Section

Byoung-hoon Kimfor contributions to development and standardization of mobile communication technologies
Chan-byoung Chaefor contributions to MIMO design and prototypes for emerging communication systems
Hyundong Shinfor contributions to the analysis and design of wireless communication and networking
Kyoung Mu Leefor contributions to image restoration and visual tracking
Wonjun Leefor contributions to multiple access and resource allocation in wireless networks

Shanghai Section

Bao-liang Lufor contributions to artificial neural networks and affective brain-computer interfaces
Daoqiang Lufor development of materials and manufacturing processes for mobile devices
Huang De Shuangfor contributions to neural networks for pattern recognition and bioinformatics
Jingyi Yufor contributions to theor. analysis, algorithms and systems for comp. photog. and comp. vision

Shikoku Section

Shuxiang Guofor contributions to medical robots for minimally invasive surgery and biomimetic underwater robots

Singapore Section

Amit Guptafor leadership in power conversion systems
Chau Yuenfor contributions to energy efficient wireless communications
Danwei Wangfor contributions to modelling, analysis, and control for constrained robots
Sanjib Pandafor contributions to iterative learning control of motor drives
Xudong Jiangfor contributions to face and fingerprint image recognition

Tainan Section

Mi-ching Tsaifor leadership in magnetic materials for the electric motor industry

Taipei Section

Ai-chun Pangfor contributions to resource management and service provisioning for mobile edge networks
Vincent Tsengfor contributions to utility pattern mining and biomedical applications
Yaow-ming Chenfor contributions to grid-connected power converters for renewable energy applications

Tokyo Section

Hideaki Aochifor contributions to three dimensional flash memories
Hideaki Ishiifor contributions to networked control of large-scale systems
Itsuro Moritafor contributions to large-capacity transmissions systems with high-speed optical signals
Jinhua Shefor contributions to intelligent control of complex metallurgical processes
Shinji Yuasafor contributions to MgO-based magnetic tunnel junctions
Takatoshi Tsujimurafor contributions to the development of organic-light-emitting diode systems

Uttar Pradesh Section

Suresh Srivastavafor contributions to power system security and stability
Yogesh Chauhanfor contributions to compact modeling of Si and GaN transistors

Victorian Section

Jianfei Caifor contributions to multimedia transmission and content analysis

Wuhan Section

Lizhe Wangfor contributions to high performance comp. in proc., anal. and applications of remote sensing imagery
Min Chenfor contributions to data-driven communication, caching, and computing

Xian Section

Guangming Shifor contributions to image representation and image reconstruction
Hong Wangfor devel., integ., and comm. of novel dielectric ceramics and composites for passive integration
Jiandong Lifor leadership in heterogeneous self-organizing wireless networks
Jingdong Chenfor contributions to microphone array proc. and speech enhance. in noisy and reverb. environments

Zhejiang Subsection

Fushuan Wenfor contributions to fault diagnosis in power grids
Zheng Xufor contributions to control and modeling of modular multilevel converter based HVDC trans. systems
Zhengyu Lufor contributions to DC-DC power conversion and control