Chirag Paunwala, Secretary for IEEE Gujarat Section

National Seminar on Computer Vision & Image Processing (NaSCoVIP2020)

With the explosion of Internet technology and graphic engines, there has been a massive growth in the research area of computer vision and image processing. While the field of image processing deals with the processing of digital images that are two-dimensional entities, computer vision adds the third dimension by computing the object’s depth. A three-day national seminar was held from 10th September 2020 to promote research and developmental activities in India, with around 80 participants. The seminar fortifies the computer vision and image processing and related fields by assembling experts and researchers in the area. The seminar’s primary goal was to promote scientific information exchange amongst experts, researchers, developers, engineers, students, and practitioners working in the country. The scientific program of the seminar consists of presentations by leading experts worldwide in the field of computer vision and image processing. The experts addressed the recent developments and trends in the fields.

The speakers for the event were as follows:

  • Ms. Mukta Joshi, Group leader Image Guided Therapy Systems R&D, Philips, Netherlands. Title of talk: Advances in medical imaging for diagnosis and treatment
  • Dr. Chintan Parmar, Senior Expert, Oncology Novartis, Institutes for Biomedical Research, USA. Title of talk: AI applications for medical imaging biomarkers
  • Prof. Chang-Hyun Oh, Professor, Department of Electronics and Information Engineering, Korea University. Title of talk: Real-Time MR Thermometry using Deep Neural Network
  • Mr. Akbar Doctor, Principal Test Engineer, Fresenius Medical Care, USA. Title of talk: Test Automation-Medical Devices
  • Prof. Ram Bilas Panchori, Professor IIT Indore. Title of talk: Detection of human brain disorders using novel machine learning approaches
  • Prof. Tolga Kaya, Professor, Sacred Heart University, Fairfield, USA. Title of talk: Validation Study of a Dry Hand Cleaner as a Potential Hand Sanitizer

Self-Branding for Professional Awareness

The Webinar on Self Branding for Professional Awareness, held on 10th April 2020, was aimed at professionals and students who wanted to further their self-brand and image, thus, improving their future career aspects. Mr. Deepak Bhatt, an influential individual who is currently the Deputy General Manager (HR & Strategy Development) at Astron Packaging Limited, was the speaker of a day to an audience of 75 participants. The speaker explained various methods of promoting oneself, be it on social media or in real life. The main crux of the introduction was the value and increasing importance of self- branding in today’s competitive world. The Webinar was fruitful for the participants as it resulted in discussions that are of paramount importance. With this session, all participants left with a sense of satisfaction, loads of knowledge and clarity about the matter at hand.

WiSe (Women in Sensors) Week 2020

In this WiSe Week, held on 9th April 2020, we are reaching out to students and professionals to promote women in sensing technology, in particular, and in STEM, in general. We hope that such focused occasions would provide the opportunity to create communities for facilitating knowledge sharing and offering support for women in this domain.

Besides these, we had also planned a networking session, quiz and some impromptu contests and prizes through virtual platform. All these highly interactive sessions were designed to foster discussions, networking, collaboration, knowledge sharing, fun and above all sensitizing the attendees for Women in Sensors. 128 participants joined the event.