LMAG Tokyo’s 10th Anniversary Symposium and IEEE Day Celebrations

Naohisa Ohta, Secretary for IEEE Life Members AG Tokyo

The symposium was held online (Zoom Webinar) at 14:00-17:00 on 8th October 2020 (Thursday) sponsored by IEEE Tokyo Section and IEEE LMAG Tokyo, and co-sponsored by Japan Council, Tokyo YP, JC WIE, Tokyo SAC, and Tokyo Section TPC. Altogether 70 people participated; 7 people of the steering committee worked at the main venue in Tokyo and the others participated online. The symposium started with an opening address by Dr. Imai, LMAG Tokyo Vice Chair. First, Dr. Tokuda, Tokyo Section Chair, gave a sponsor’s remark on LMAG Tokyo’s 10th anniversary. Then, Dr. Takano, LMAG Tokyo Chair, delivered an address and introduced LMAG Tokyo’s activities for 10 years highlighting the first experience of each activity. Next, Dr. Fukuda, IEEE President and Dr. Nishihara, R10 Director delivered congratulatory speeches for the 10th anniversary. Also, all other LMAG Chairs in Japan, Dr. Nakamura of Kansai, Dr. Umeno of Nagoya and Dr. Mizuno of Sendai, gave congratulatory addresses. 

Dr. Habara, LMAG Tokyo’s founding Chair, gave a talk entitled “Dawn of LMAG Tokyo” on the initial objectives and activities of LMAG Tokyo including a hidden story. He also mentioned that the origin of “Symposium” in Greek is “Drinking together for a lively conversation”. A panel discussion on “What contributions are expected to LMAG” was held inviting 4 panelists moderated by Dr. Ohta, LMAG Tokyo Secretary. The panelists were Dr. Aoyama, the former R10 LMAG Coordinator; Dr. Yoshida, Tokyo YP Chair; Dr. Noda, JC WIE Chair; and Dr. Nakamura, LMAG Kansai Chair. Each panelist presented suggestions to LMAG activity from her/his own viewpoint after the self-introductions, followed by active discussions among panelists and the audience. Finally, the moderator summarized the panel confirming a common understanding that LMAGs should actively continue efforts on SYWL and inter-LMAG collaborations utilizing life members’ rich experiences and should disseminate their activities for another 10 years. 

After a short break, the second part of the event was held to celebrate IEEE Day along with the 10th Anniversary of LMAG Tokyo and a variety of congratulatory messages were given. The first message was from Mr. Asthana, R10 LMC Chair. Then Mr. Hyakutake, IEEE Japan Office Director, introduced the office and gave a message. Ms. Suzuki, the former Tokyo YP Committee Chair, also delivered a congratulatory message introducing Japanese Sake and the origin of “Kagami Biraki”. Dr. Sasase, a former Tokyo Section Chair, gave a congratulatory message introducing useful information about Champagne. LMAG Tokyo officers uncorked a champagne bottle and opened a Sake barrel as a “Kagami Biraki” and Dr. Takano led a toast. Online participants drank a toast depending on their own situations. Dr. Takano cut a memorial cake after blowing 10 candles out for celebrating the 10th anniversary of LMAG Tokyo and IEEE Day.

Finally, the event was closed by Dr. Imai. Due to COVID19 pandemic, the event was unusual compared to conventional ones. However, thanks to the strong support of the affinity groups and all IEEE members, especially those who attended till the end, this event ended with a great success.