Prepared by: Dr. Celia Shahnaz, Chair for IEEE Bangladesh Section

IEEE PES Women in Power Congress in Region 10 was organized by WIE Affinity Group Bangladesh Section, IEEE Bangladesh Section and IEEE PES Women in Power on 12th & 13th September 2020 from 4PM to 8PM (GMT+6). A world bank initiative WePower was the partner of the event. It was a digital event where 184 participants from 28 different countries of 6 continents, namely USA, Japan, Singapore, China, India, Australia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Peru, Bhutan, Brazil, Colombia, Taiwan, South Korea, Afghanistan, Nepal, France, Kenya, Nigeria, UK, Bolivia, Panama, Mongolia, Hong Kong and Bangladesh participated. The event started with the program vision shared by Dr. Celia Shahnaz, Chair for IEEE Bangladesh Section and General Chair for IEEE PES Women in Power Congress in Region 10.  She is also the lead of two strategic partners of WePower, namely, IEEE PES Women in Power and IEEE Bangladesh Section.

The chief guest of the event was Dr. Jessica Bian, Vice President of Grid Services, Grid-X Partners and IEEE PES President-Elect (2020-2021). The special guests were Dr. Roumei Li, Chair for IEEE PES and Women in Power (WIP), and Dr. S N Singh, Vice Chair for R10 Technical Activities and Chair for IEEE India Council.

The speakers for Day 1 were Dr. Bruno Meyer, Vivian Sin Yee Leung, Dr. Shama Naz Islam, Dr. Zhenfei Chen, Dr. Nirmal-Kumar C. Nair, Lakshita, Dr. G. Bhuvaneshwari, Dr. Zhiqian Bo, Dr. Yu Juan and Dr. Chandrasekhar Reddy Atla. While the speakers for Day 2 were Dr. Feifei Bai, Dr. Alan Harvey, Xia Chen, Prof. Sunitha Beevi. K, Dr. Tong Wang, Jinghan He, Yingjie Liu, Gunjan Gautam, Dr. Tina Chou and Dr. Zhenfei Chen.

Prof. Dr. Shaikh Anowarul Fattah, IEEE PES E-News Update Editor shared briefly how PES e-News update can be utilized as a platform to recognize all contributors at the end on both days.  Prof. Dr. Bozenna  Pasik-Duncan,  lead of strategic partner IEEE WIE of WePower  provided  closing remarks. Anamika Bhakta, Nafisa Tasnim, Irtiza Haque, Shaila Sharmin, Jannatul Adan, Sukanya Islam, Joyeta, Sk. Azmaeen Bin Amir, and Raihan Ur Rashid was part of the amazing volunteer team.

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