Biomedical Robotics for Sustainable Future

Dr. Khan Bahadar Khan, Advisor for IEEE UCET IUB EMBS Student Chapter

IEEE UCET IUB EMBS Student Chapter organized a virtual session on the topic of “Biomedical Robotics for sustainable future” on 29th October 2020, with 21 participants. The speaker Mehak Azeem explained “Biomedical Robotics” and the role of robots in different medical fields and how these robots can revolutionize the future of the medical field. She discussed their importance in this pandemic as we implemented robotic machines to take care of Corona patients. Further, she made the audience aware of the different types of medical robots which help the doctors to diagnose the disease. Moreover, she explained the different medical robots and their applications, such as companion robots that help patients who need a regular check-up, and prostheses which can replace damaged human organs. She also discusses Obi robots that can help disabled person in which she is currently working. The talk ended with a question and answer session.