The 3rd Anniversary Ceremony of Sendai WIE

Qiaowei Yuan, Chair for IEEE WIE AG Sendai

The 3rd anniversary of IEEE WIE Sendai was virtually celebrated with 37 attendances on 31st October 2020, which was delayed from the original schedule in April due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The anniversary consisted of two parts focusing on the topic of “State of the Art Technologies Devoted to Society 5.0”. In the first part, three special talks were provided by Dr. Akinori Nishihara (R10 Director), Prof. Noriko Osumi (Tohoku University), Prof. Akira Ando (Tohoku University), respectively. The second part started by introducing the activities of each Japanese WIE, and then all attendees were divided into several groups, discussing the importance of Society 5.0 that Japan should aspire to and some interesting topics related with a smart tech society. The pandemic prohibited peoples from connecting in person, but the anniversary reconnected our technology groups tightly. Our event definitely was an initial practice to integrate cyber space (virtual space) and physical space (real space).