Prepared by: Sameea Abbasi & Farasat Ali, IEEE UCET-IUB Student Branch

Branch Introduction

The IEEE UCET – Islamia University of Bahawalpur (IUB) Student Branch, established in April 2010, has six technical chapters and one affinity group working enthusiastically for the past 10 years. The affinity group WIE was formed in 2013 under IEEE UCET-IUB and is dedicated to promoting women engineers, scientists, and inspiring girls in the South Punjab region of Pakistan. The technical chapters of IEEE UCET-IUB include IEEE PES, IEEE ComSoc, IEEE IAS, IEEE SMCS, IEEE SPS, and IEEE EMBS student chapters.  The IEEE UCET-IUB is one of the most active branches of Pakistan and Region 10. It has won IEEE R10 SAC Best Student Branch Award twice and recently achieved a historic feat of winning awards in all 8 categories at IEEE Lahore Section AGM 2019. For the last two years, the branch has been able to achieve a membership count of more than 50 and a retention rate of 60-70% through various incentives offered to its volunteers. The IEEE UCET-IUB and its technical chapters organized more than 60 events including 3 mega-events in the last two years and won grants from IEEE Foundation and a special IEEE HAC grant for the COVID-19 project. The branch aims to achieve more in the coming years and continue to grow with time – https://www.facebook.com/IEEE.UCET.IUB.SB.


3rd IEEE Bahawalpur Subsection Student/YP/WIE Congress 2019 (2-day event, 500+ participants)

The IEEE Bahawalpur Subsection Congress was hosted by the IEEE UCET-IUB student branch in 2019. The two-day event was attended by students and professionals from more than ten engineering and computer science institutes in Southern Punjab. The main agenda of the event was to provide a platform for students to meet researchers, entrepreneurs, young professionals, women engineers, and fellow students to discuss the advancements in their respective fields – https://www.facebook.com/bssywc.

4th IEEE Asia/Pacific ComSoc Summer School Program 2019 (4-day event, 150 participants)

The 4th Asia/Pacific IEEE ComSoc Summer School 2019 was organized by IEEE UCET-IUB SB in collaboration with the IEEE ComSoc Lahore Chapter, IEEE Bahawalpur Subsection, and KICS-UET Lahore at the Islamia University of Bahawalpur from 9th to 12th October 2019. The theme of the summer school was ‘Autonomous Systems’. Renowned professors, researchers, and academicians participated as distinguished speakers – https://www.facebook.com/IEEE-ComSoc-Summer-School-2019-100507591299359.

IEEE Foundation, Awareness on Production of Sustainable Energy through Bio-Gas Project

The IEEE Foundation approved a grant of USD10,000 for the project “Awareness, Producing of Sustainable Electricity Bio-Gas”. This project focused on promoting clean and green energy using animal waste. The UCET-IUB student branch is the first student branch in Pakistan to secure a grant from the IEEE Foundation. In addition to a fully functional Bio-Gas plant, the IEEE UCET-IUB organized a series of awareness activities including seminars, panel discussions and competitions. A national-level virtual seminar and a poster competition were organized recently wherein highly qualified panellists joined the discussion and gave their suggestions regarding the production of energy through Bio-Gas in Pakistan – https://fb.watch/2cCA6PCB8W.


The Annual Engineering Project Exhibition is a flagship event of the IEEE UCET-IUB Student Branch, which is being organized annually for the past 10 years. The main objective of AEPEX is to provide a platform to the graduating batches where they can exhibit their senior design projects for students, professionals, industry representatives, etc. A large number of attendees visit this exhibition every year wherein more than 50 senior design projects are displayed – https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?vanity=IEEE.UCET.IUB.SB&set=a.2343500412385481.

Other Events Organized by IEEE UCET-IUB in 2020

  1. 3rd Episode of IEEE SPAA Week 2020
  2. IEEE Foundation Project “Awareness and Production of Sustainable Electricity through Bio Gas”
  3. IEEE YP Local Activity, I Have Degree, Now What?
  4. IEEE Orientation 2020
  5. IEEE HAC Seminar on Utilization of Robotics and Drones against Locust Attacks
  6. IEEE HAC Special Grant for “Automated Hospital Assistance System for Isolated Patients of COVID-19”

The IEEE UCET-IUB SB conducted a series of online and hybrid events during the year 2020. The events were designed keeping in view the problems faced due to the pandemic. Moreover, the events were an effort to continue the activities of the Student Branch and try to engage a diverse audience through an online platform. We used this opportunity to conduct a membership campaign through our events as well.

IEEE UCET-IUB Local Activity during COVID-19 Pandemic – Hand Sanitizer Project

The IEEE UCET-IUB SB in collaboration with the IUB Science Society prepared hand sanitizers in the university lab. These hand sanitizers were distributed among the staff members and the local community of IUB including the security guards and sweepers free of cost. Moreover, they were also handed over to the local hospitals and police stations for the on-duty staff –


IEEE Funded Projects (2020)

  • IEEE Foundation Grant of USD10,000 for “Awareness and Production of Sustainable Electricity through Bio Gas”
  • IEEE HAC Special COVID-19 Project Grant of USD9600 for “Automated Hospital Assistance System for Isolated Patients of COVID-19”

IEEE UCET-IUB Awards (2019-2020)

  1. 2019 IEEE Lahore Section AGM i) Best Student Branch, ii) Best WIE Chapter, iii) Best Branch Counsellor ‘Dr.Asjad Amin’, iv) Best Student Volunteer ‘Maria Ali’, v) Best YP Volunteer ‘Usman Zafar’, vi) Best Student Technical Chapter (IAS) (Runner-Up), vii) Best WIE Professional ‘Anum Farooq’ (2nd)       viii) Best Student WIE Volunteer ‘Syeda Areeba Fatima’ (2nd)
  • 2019 IEEE R10 Outstanding Student Branch Award (2nd Place in Asia/Pacific)
  • 2019 Most Valuable Branch Counsellor Award in PSYWSC’19
  • 2020 IEEE MGA 2020 Outstanding Branch Counsellor Award (Dr. Asjad Amin)
  • 2020 IEEE MGA 2020 Darrel Chong Student Activity Award (IEEEE AEPEX 2019)