IEEE Karachi Section WIE AG

POWER – Phenomenal, Omnipotent, Women, Engineering, Responsibility

Isma Farah Siddiqui, Chair for IEEE Karachi Section WIE AG

The IEEE Karachi Section WIE Affinity Group, with the support of IEEE Region 10 WIE, organized a seminar on 7th December 2021 to enhance the interpersonal skills of women in engineering to a phenomenal level. The seminar topics were in close relevance to building mutual harmony for active participation. The first talk was on the communication skills to achieve target-oriented professional confidence in women, by Dr. Isma Farah Siddiqui, Chair for IEEE Karachi Section WIE AG. The second talk discussed the pro-active role of women in a variety of engineering fields, by Dr. Bushra Naeem, Vice-Chair of IEEE Quetta Subsection and Member of R10 MD Committee. The third talk focused on utilizing STEM opportunities in a variety of R&D areas for women, by Dr. Arifa Bhutto. Furthermore, postgraduate research poster presentations were also made to foster researchers’ participation. In the end, an award distribution ceremony was organized to appreciate the seminar speakers, guests, and participants. In total 55 participants attended the seminar.

Empowering Women – Creating a WAVE of Awareness

Sumaiya Aziz, Chair for IEEE Karachi Section HIET WIE AG

Empowering women has always been a significant move. To uplift the spirits of various IEEE WIE Affinity Groups, various supporting fund programs are offered. Similarly, a funding opportunity was granted by IEEE Region 10 WIE titled ‘IEEE R10 WIE Special Support Fund 2021’. Opportunely, IEEE HIET WIE AG (AG in Hamdard University Karachi, Pakistan) was one of the affinity groups that qualify for the support fund. The proposal on ‘W.A.V.E – Women, Aspiring, Viable Engineering’ submitted by Sumaiya Aziz (Chairperson for IEEE HIET WIE AG) planned to utilize the grant in a way that fulfills the objectives of the support fund. The event addressed women’s possibilities for a flying career and social challenges. The event conducted on 9th November 2021 influenced all the 200 participants as it endured a relatable point for every person. Such measures must be made more common to boost the confidence of young females who are passionate to contribute to the society.

Women in Engineering – NUST PNEC

Ayesha Quddus, Chair for IEEE Karachi Section Pakistan Naval Engineering College WIE AG

WIE with WEP arranged a ‘STEM Outreach Program’ for girls from grades 7 to 10 on 11th September 2021 (MS Teams), attracting 200 girls from Pakistan. With the aid of engaging activities, WIE’s members made school girls explore the gamut of engineering fields.

WIE and IEEE UTP Student Branch (Malaysia) collaboratively started an educative monthly webinar series ‘TechLearnathon’, led by international speakers in various tech fields.

Webinar-1: – ‘IEEE HAC and SIGHT Grant Sharing Session’ held on 29th August 2021 (MS Teams) gathered 62 registrants from 7 countries.

Webinar-2: – ‘An Introduction to PSIM for Power Electronics Simulations’ was arranged on 26th September 2021 (MS Teams); since IEEE Day was nearing, Mohammad Hafiz Ismail, Region10 Lead IEEE Day 2021, was called as Chief Guest, receiving 200 registrations from 5 countries.

Webinar-3: – ‘Data Visualization Using R Language’ held on 14th November 2021 (MS Teams), was a charm with 40 registrants globally.