IEEE Karachi Section YP

IEIEEE Young Professional UpSkills Training

Muhammad Faizan Usman, Branch Counselor for Hamdard Inst of Engineering & Tech YP AG

IEEE Karachi Section Young Professional won a funding of USD400 to organize an UpSkills Training session for our young professionals. The objective of the event is to encourage and train students and professionals with the advancement for their professional career growth and development through technical and non-technical sessions. For this purpose, leadership and soft skills enhancement sessions were organized on 30th September 2021 attended by 150 participants. The main motive is to provide a platform for networking. The session was led by Engr. Khawaja Tanveer encouraging problem-solving, knowledge sharing, and adopting new technologies and techniques. Another keynote speaker Engr. Kazim Ali covered the contents related to emotional intelligence. Mr. Asad-ur-Rehman talked on adopting a style that is conducive to a positive working atmosphere for better team building. Mr. Fahad Ahmed discussed project management, and how it is improved for individuals and organizations. In the end, Ramiz-ul-Haq, Chair for IEEE Karachi Section YP, thanked all speakers.