IEEE Region 10 Newly Elevated Fellow Class of 2022

Bangalore Section
Gopal Pingalifor contributions to hybrid cloud computing and real-time MM systems
Kumar Sivarajanfor leadership in optical networking
Suparna Bhattacharyafor contributions to Linux kernel for ent. and adv. data processing systems
Beijing Section
Bo Aifor contributions to channel modeling and wireless comm. in high-speed railways
Chunhua Yangfor contributions in intel. control and optimization of complex industrial processes
Haifeng Wangfor contributions and leadership in natural language processing and Al tech.
Jian Xun Jinfor development of operational high-temperature superconducting power devices
Jingdong Wangfor contributions to visual content understanding and retrieval
Junlan Fengfor leadership in spoken dialog applications, Al platform, and network intelligence
Linglong Daifor contributions to massive MIMO
Shiguang Shanfor contributions to visual signal processing and recognition
Tianshu Bifor contributions to synchrophasor technology and protective relay applications
Xiang Chengfor contributions to vehicular communication channel modeling and system design
Xing Xiefor contributions to spatial data mining and recommendation systems
Yonghong Tianfor contributions to knowledge-based visual data analysis
Yu Wangfor contributions to domain specific accelerator design
Zhangdui Zhongfor contributions to theory, tech. and development of mobile comm. for railways
Zheng Yangfor contributions to wireless localization and sensing
Bombay Section
S Sudarshanfor contributions to query processing and optimization in databases
Chengdu Section
Heng Tao Shenfor contributions to multimedia content understanding and retrieval
Qi Huangfor leadership in informatics for smart electric energy system
Daejeon Section
Sung lk Parkfor contributions to physical layer development of broadcast systems
Guangzhou Section
Wenquan Chefor contributions to planar trans. line structures for microwave passive components
Xiuyin Zhangfor contributions to the design of filtering antennas
Yefeng Zhengfor contributions to machine learning for medical imaging
Harbin Section
Guang-hong Yangfor contributions to fault tolerant control of dynamical systems
Hefei Subsection
Keqiu Lifor contributions to resource-efficient and QoS-oriented cloud computing
Hong Kong Section
Gerhard Hanckefor contributions to secure and resilient wireless tech. for the Industrial IoT
Jun Zhangfor contributions to dense wireless networks
Minghua Chenfor contributions to delay-critical networked systems
Qing Lifor contributions to ML in multimedia, data mining and data warehousing
Youfu Lifor contributions to active visual sensing using structured light pattern projection
Kansai Section
Hideki Kawaharafor contributions to auditory-inspired speech signal processing and science
Shoko Arakifor contributions to blind source separation of noisy and reverb. speech signals
Tetsuzo Uedafor contributions to dev. and comm. of III-V compound semiconductor tech.
Kharagpur Section
Sudip Misrafor contributions to intelligent sensing in constrained loT environments
Kuala Lumpur Subsection
Saad Mekhileffor contributions to control methods for photovoltaic systems and multi-level inverters
New South Wales Section
Boualem Benatallahfor contrib. to declarative service composition and web services middleware
Ivor Tsangfor contributions to large-scale machine learning and transfer learning
Queensland Section
Amin Abboshfor contributions to electromagnetic medical imaging
Rajasthan Subsection
Mayank Vatsafor contributions to secure biometric recognition
Seoul Section
Chul-hwan Kimfor contribution to protective relaying methods to reduce power system outages
Jin Hurfor contributions to design of permanent magnet synchronous motors
Kang-won Leefor contrib. to development of SDN and virtualization tech. for 5G wireless networks
Sam Nohfor contributions to storage system software for flash and nonvolatile memory
Thomas Chofor leadership and cont. in CMOS RFIC design and comm. of wireless mobile sys.
Shandong Subsection
Jiguo Yufor contributions to data storage and processing in cloud and social environments
Shanghai Section
Zhijun Lifor contributions to control systems for wearable robotics and bio-mechatronics
Tainan Section
Sun-yuan Hsiehfor contributions to fault-tolerance for internet and cloud computing
Singapore Section
Chuan Seng Tanfor contributions to wafer bonding technology for 3D packaging and integration
David Lofor contributions to synergizing software engineering and data mining
Erik Cambriafor contributions to affective computing and sentiment analysis
Lay-kee Angfor cont. to elect. emis. and space charge eff. in nanodiode and quantum materials
Tseng King Jetfor contributions to permanent magnet machines and distributed energy resources
Taipei Section
Hang-ting Luefor contributions to charge-trapping memories and 3D NOR flash
Tian-hua Liufor contributions to sensorless control for AC drives
Tokyo Section
Abderrahmane Kheddarfor contributions to robotic haptics and humanoids
Hiroyuki Mizunofor contributions to leakage current reduction in integrated circuits
Kiyohisa Teraifor contrib. to optical fiber sensors and electrical discharge applications
Masato Motomurafor contrib. to memory-logic integration of reconfigurable chip architecture
Michiel Bacchianifor leadership in commercial automatic speech recognition systems
Moriyasu Miyazakifor leadership in dev. of airborne radars and sat. com. microwave subsys.
Nobuyuki Sugiifor contributions to fully depleted silicon-on-insulator technology
Toshihiko Babafor contributions to photonic nanostructure waveguides and emitters
Xinkai Chenfor cont. to nonlinear adap. control and observer design for mechat. sys.
Yoshihiro Ohbafor contributions to standardization of network security protocols
Yusheng Jifor contribution to distributed computing in mobile and dynamic systems
Victorian Section
Jinjun Chenfor contributions to scalable architecture for cloud data storage and processing
Wuhan Section
Liangzhong Yaofor leadership in HVDC grid supporting integration of large wind farms
Xian Section
Junwei Hanfor contributions to visual saliency detection and image understanding
Ruqiang Yanfor contributions to defect/fault detection and diagnosis of rotating machines
Zhejiang Subsection
Hongsheng Chenfor contributions to electromagnetic metamaterial and invisibility cloak