IEEE Region 10 Section Incentive 2021

Congratulations to the following Sections/Councils for making great efforts to organize activities and support their local IEEE communities.

1Australia Council   USD1000
2India CouncilUSD3000
3Japan CouncilUSD2000


No.Large SectionIncentive
4Bangalore SectionUSD3000
5Bangladesh SectionUSD1000
6Beijing SectionUSD1000
7Bombay SectionUSD2000
8Delhi SectionUSD3000
9Hong Kong SectionUSD1000
10Hyderabad SectionUSD3000
11Indonesia SectionUSD3000
12Kansai SectionUSD2000
13Kerala SectionUSD3000
14Madras SectionUSD2500
15Malaysia SectionUSD2500
16Seoul SectionUSD1500
17Singapore SectionUSD1000
18Sri Lanka SectionUSD2500
19Taipei SectionUSD2000
20Tokyo SectionUSD2000
21Uttar Pradesh SectionUSD3000
22Victorian SectionUSD2000


No.Medium SectionIncentive
23Gujarat SectionUSD3000
24Islamabad SectionUSD3000
35Madhya Pradesh SectionUSD500
26Nagoya SectionUSD2500
27New Zealand North SectionUSD1500
28Pune SectionUSD2500
29Queensland SectionUSD2500
30Tainan SectionUSD1000
31Thailand SectionUSD1000
32Vizag Bay SectionUSD1500


No.Small SectionIncentive
33Australia Capital Territory SectionUSD1500
34Gwangju SectionUSD1000
35Hiroshima SectionUSD1500
36Karachi SectionUSD3000
37Macau SectionUSD2500
38New Zealand Central SectionUSD2000
39Northern Australia SectionUSD1500
40Republic of Philippines SectionUSD1000
41Sapporo SectionUSD1000
42Shin-etsu SectionUSD1500
43South Australia SectionUSD1500


No.Subsections (Represented by its own country/
directly under R10)
44Bhutan SubsectionUSD1500
45Fiji SubsectionUSD1000
46Mongolia SubsectionUSD1000