Muhammad Faizan Usman, Branch Counselor for IEEE HIET Student Branch

Impact of 3D Printing and its Utilization from Transforming Projects into Products

Hamdard University Pakistan’s IEEE HIET Student Branch (SB) always encourages activities through which students can get ideas and think about innovation. In continuation of this approach, the SB organized a seminar titled “Impact of 3D Printing and Utilization from Transforming Projects into Products” on 13th April 2021 at Hamdard University’s main campus in Karachi. The main objective of this seminar was to share in-depth technical knowledge related to 3D Printing Technology and also to build an entrepreneurial mindset. The seminar began with the welcome speech by Prof. Dr. Anwar Manzar (Dean FEST, Hamdard Univesity). Later on, the guest speaker Mr. Ovais H. Qureshi (CEO & CEO Bioniks) explained the fundamentals of 3D Printing. He also shared the applications of 3D Printing in various domains. A 3D design was also printed during the event and was thoroughly explained. The seminar ended with a vote of thanks by Dr. Faisal Khan.

Guidance for UGRAD Exchange Program 2022

Hamdard University Pakistan’s IEEE HIET Student Branch (SB) always shares opportunities for students to groom them for future challenges. The branch has a legacy to help the students in the preparation of such options and for this purpose, the SB adopts a proactive approach in enhancing student’s exposure. In continuation of this tradition, IEEE HIET SB organized a productive webinar titled “Guidance for UGRAD Exchange Program 2022” on 9th April 2021. This event was related to a semester exchange scholarship at any university in the USA. The webinar started with a recitation of few verses of the Holy Quran. Engr. Mohammad Faizan (IEEE HIET SB Counselor) hosted this webinar and also served as the speaker. He thoroughly guided the participants about this opportunity which is being offered by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) of the United States Department of State every year. He also provided step-by-step guidance regarding the submission of the application form.

Techniques of writing an Effective Resume using the Star Method

Job Interviews can be a stressful experience for fresh graduates, especially when faced with open-ended questions related to behavior. So IEEE PAF-KIET Student Branch & IEEE HIET Student Branch organized an exciting webinar collaboratively on the topic “Techniques of Writing an Effective Resume using the STAR Method” on 27th May 2021 by highly distinguished speaker Sajjad Hussain who is serving as an Assistant Professor at PAF-KIET. He has practical work experience of over 15 years with several organizations in different positions and also provides consultation services to students. In this Webinar, he provided in-depth knowledge & indicates basic mistakes which students normally do when writing their resume. He further guided students about the STAR method which means Situation, Task, Action and Result. For each experience other than education, the STAR method helps to explain that experience. In the end Engr. Muhammad Faizan (Branch Counselor IEEE HIET SB) gave the vote of thanks.