Happy 1st Anniversary of IEEE Engineer Spotlight

Mayumi Suzuki, EA Coordinator for IEEE Japan Council

In Japan, newly began the EA initiatives from 2020 in 9 Sections within the Japan Council. Japanese Live Webinar “IEEE Engineer Spotlight” started in May 2020 and was held every month conducted by Japan Council. It aims to provide online educational content in the local language (Japanese) and provide added values to IEEE members and contribute to societies. Almost all webinars are available to the public on-demand afterward.

Prof. Toshio Fukuda, 2021 IEEE Past President, gave the 1st anniversary talk (13th in the series) entitled “Robots, the World, and Me – the Secret Stories of the IEEE President” on 17th April 2021. All 311 participants learned about his unique personality, as well as the importance and initiative of the community. The moderator was Prof. Akinori Nishihara, 2021 R10 Past Director. This will be continued to deliver exciting lectures and panels on cutting-edge technology and career development.