Introduction to the study of Shinise

Masaaki Kobayashi, Chair for IEEE LMAG Kansai

IEEE LMAG Kansai held a lecture (LMAG Salon) online on 20th April 2021 with 13 participants. A lecture titled “Introduction to the study of Shinise” was given by Mr. Yoichiro Maekawa, who is a Visiting Professor at the Kochi University of Technology and a former member of the Board of Directors at Panasonic.

The Japanese word Shinise means a firm or company with a long history, some of which have continued to exist for more than a thousand years in Japan. Their concept and management style are a focus point in Japan’s business world.

After a lively discussion from very diverse viewpoints, most participants shared the idea that the examples of “Shinise” are very helpful for Life Members to emphasize and support young engineers toward developing fruitful careers.

LMAG Kansai plans to continue a series of this kind of online lecture, under the severe control measures introduced by the Government due to the COVI D-19 pandemic.