Sendai Section LMAG Meetings

Koji Mizuno, Chair for IEEE LMAG Sendai

IEEE Sendai Section LMAG held the online General Assembly on 15th May 2021. Then, the following Special Lecture Meeting was held to study the future important technology of “Quantum Computing”, attended by 89 participants.

– “Optical Integrated Circuit Devices for Quantum Computing” (Dr. Nobuyuki Matsuda, Tohoku University)

The method using photons in a quantum computer is attracting attention because it enables large-scale computation with a relatively small resource of several tens of photons. The perspective of the device technology for photon computing along with its applications was done.

– “Future of Information Science Changed by Quantum Annealing” (Dr. Masayuki Ohzeki, Tohoku University).

Quantum annealing is attracting attention as a solution to the combinatorial optimization problem that has devoted enormous resources to derive optimal selection from an infinite number of possible candidates. From now on, a user can get optimal selection immediately if the information on a problem is given to the quantum annealing machine.