Commemorative Lecture Meeting on IEEE Milestone “Physical Contact Push-Pull Technology for Fiber Optic Connectors”

Naohisa Ohta, Vice-Chair for IEEE LMAG Tokyo

A commemorative lecture meeting on the IEEE Milestone was held from 11:00am to 12:00pm on 5th March 2021, sponsored by IEEE Tokyo Section TPC and IEEE LMAG­ Tokyo, following the dedication ceremony. The technology for fiber optic connectors developed by NTT Corp. was certificated as the 38th IEEE Milestone in Japan. The event was held in a hybrid style (on-site meeting with online participation) at Palace Hotel, Tokyo with 271 attendees. Two lectures were given on the standardized technology that advanced the performance and reliability of fiber optic connectors. Dr. Etsuji Sugita, a former Research Director of Boundary Region Research Laboratory, NTT, gave a talk on “Development and Promotion Activities of Subscriber Connector (SC)”. Dr. Shinji Nagasawa, a former Senior Researcher of Access Network Service Systems Laboratory, NTT, gave a speech entitled “Development & Promotion Activities of multiple Fiber Push-On/Pull-Off (MPO) Connector”. A detailed report is available in LMAG­ Tokyo Newsletter No. 31.