CyberShield 2021

Thimira Chandrasekara, Chair for IEEE SLIIT Student Branch

The IEEE Computer Society of Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology organized “CyberShield”, a two-day cybersecurity workshop on the 15th and 16th May 2021. The main objective of this event was to present fundamental knowledge on cybersecurity for the participants and to teach about the various security risks, hacking techniques, red teaming, and cybercrimes happening today. Participants were given a basic overview of major cybersecurity topics including information on career opportunities, hacking tools, qualifying pathways, and certain practical knowledge on hacking through demonstrations. The sessions were conducted on two days by Mr. Kavinga Abeywardena and Mr. Jude Myuran respectively, each explaining practical and theoretical concepts of cybersecurity, followed by an active Q&A session. The participants who were actively present on both days were given valuable certificates upon completion and the event concluded with over 600 participants on both days and with a lot of positive feedback from participants.