Prepared by: Varun Posimsetty, Chair for IEEE Central University of Karnataka Student Branch

IEEE Student Branch of Central University of Karnataka was established on 30th August 2018 with a vision to provide students of the university a platform for global outreach. Since its very inception, it stood as a forum for students to learn, lead and network. The branch started with 17 members and now has a current tally of 79 members with 5 professional members and a senior member.

The Student Branch has a very high membership retention status. In the year 2020, it stood at 70.1%. The Student Branch also has the Power Energy Society Chapter and Women in Engineering affinity groups with a very active EXECOM to overlook the activities. The Student Branch EXECOM also has a very good representation of women as it has been a priority to give more women greater representation in leading roles.

The branch has actively conducted events with a mission to transfer knowledge and equip members with skills in new innovative methods. By the end of 2020, the branch has conducted around 50 events which include technical and non-technical events. Since the onset of the pandemic, all the events had to be restricted to the virtual mode and thereby the volunteers have come up with ideas to erase the digital boundary. The branch organizes the “Techno – Nirman” event on the 26th January and 15th August every year, which provides a platform for students to showcase their projects.

The SB’s prime area of focus has been skill development among members and in realizing the full membership potential. Various lecture series, workshops and hands-on sessions have been organized. IEEE Xtreme has been one such event wherein all the members have realized the level-playing field that IEEE creates. Many mock coding challenges have been conducted with the help from the Bangalore Section and India Council. The Student Branch has been awarded the “Most Promising Student Branch” award for three consecutive years and the “IEEE Regional Exemplary Student Branch” award.

Student Branch volunteers have received theIEEE Bangalore Section humanitarian student innovation project fund 2020”. The branch organizes industrial visits and sessions with industry professionals to keep them in track with the developments in various domains. The Branch has recently started bringing a quarterly newsletter which keeps all members informed of various awards, funding, & scholarships that are opening in that quarter. For better outreach of events, the SB has a Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and a website backed by an active social media and outreach team. Volunteers of the Student Branch currently serve in various capacities in the Bangalore Section, India Council and Region 10 level. Volunteering at different levels also helps in outreach programs for strengthening the external linkages with both academia and industry. Volunteers at various levels include Ms. Sneha Chandran (Chair SCT IEEE India Council), Mr. Adwaith S (PR Lead of IEEEXtreme 15.0 and SB Networking Team Lead for India Council SCT, 2021), Ms. Rashi Shrivatsava (MSR for IEEE Bangalore Section SCT, 2021 & Social Media team SCT IC -2021), Mr. Varun Posimsetty (Editorial Coordinator IEEE India Council Newsletter team), and Ms. Dikshita A (Design Team, SCT IEEE Bangalore Section).