Prepared by: R10Talk Committee

One of the new initiatives of IEEE Region 10 for this year is a Webinar series named “R10Talk”. The tagline of R10Talk In Pursuit of Excellence very well describes the purpose of this initiative so as to achieve excellence through gaining and sharing knowledge. R10Talk is a joint effort by R10 Industry Relations Committee, R10 Professional Activities Committee, R10 Young Professionals Committee, R10 Women in Engineering Committee and R10 Student Activities Committee. Right from the first session, the R10Talk has been a big hit with a large number of IEEE members registering for the webinars. All talks are delivered by eminent speakers via WebEx and are live streamed on social media. The talks are also recorded and made available on R10 YouTube channel (

The R10Talk initiative was launched by R10 Director Mr. Deepak Mathur and the inaugural Webinar entitled “Innovation and Funding” was delivered on Saturday, 3rd April 2021 by Mr. Murali Bukkapatnam, Founder and Chairperson of Volksy Technologies, a venture development firm and a builder startup studio credited for nurturing and mentoring many subsidiaries like Prowidor, Houzkare and Gdhworkforce.  250 attendees attended this thought-provoking talk.

In April 2021, R10Talk joined hands with the IEEE Power & Energy Society to celebrate the PES Day and organized a special Webinar under the theme “Opportunities and Challenges of Integration of Renewable Energy in Grids”. Two talks were delivered; the first by Professor Cornelis (Keith) Kikkert, Adjunct A/Prof at the University of Adelaide and James Cook University, Australia and the second by Engr. Tahir Saleem Shaikh, CEO, United Engineering Services, Karachi, Pakistan. Both talks were hailed with very positive feedback from a good number of the attendees.

Group photo taken at the webinar “Opportunities and Challenges of Integration of Renewable Energy in Grids” delivered by Prof. Cornelis (Keith) Kikkert and Engr. Tahir Saleem Shaikh.

On 22nd May 2021, R10Talk arranged a webinar on “Risks and Opportunities” delivered by Prof. Chandima Gomes, Professor of High Voltage Engineering, Chair for ESKOM Power Plant Engineering Institute-HVAC, and Director of Centre of Excellence on High Voltage Engineering, University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa.

Group photo taken at the webinar “Risks and Opportunities” delivered by Prof. Chandima Gomes.

In June 2021, two Webinars are scheduled. The first one is on “Quantum encryption – Overview, use cases and adoption” by Ms. Saritha N. Auti, Cyber Security Practitioners on 12th June 2021. And the second one is on “Professional Ethics and Getting Ahead” by Mr. Terence Tan, Program Coordinator for Computing programmes at Curtin University, Malaysia, on Saturday, 26th June 2021. Many other distinguished speakers have been invited for talks for the rest of 2021. Please check the R10 website ( for the upcoming webinars.

A strong team of following volunteers is striving hard to bring good quality webinars for members:

  • Prof. Takao Onoye, R10 Conferences & Seminars Committee Chair
  • Mr. Sanjay Kar Chowdhury, R10 Industry Relations Committee Chair
  • Prof. Parkash Lohana, R10 Professional Activities Committee Chair
  • Ms. Emi-Yano, R10 Women-in-Engineering Committee Chair
  • Dr. Saaveethya Sivakumar, R10 Young Professionals Committee Chair
  • Prof. Jennifer Dela Cruz, R10 Student Activities Chair
  • Dr. Akila Wijethunge, R10Talk Coordinator
  • Dr. Khanita Duangchaemakarn, R10Talk Tech leader & Content Editor
  • Mr. Sai Prashanth, R10Talk Technical Arrangements
  • Mr. Ashvanth B., R10Talk Graphics Design
  • Mr. Hisham Neyaz, R10Talk Graphics Design
  • Ms. Renu Guntur, R10Talk Content writer
  • Dr. Zia Ahmed, R10Talk Advisor

Potential speakers are welcome to contact Prof Takao Onoye ( if they wish to give a talk in IEEE R10Talk webinar series.