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Kamal Chapagai, Chair for IEEE Bhutan Subsection

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A webinar on unveiling the character of frequency in electrical power systems was organized by the Centre for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Energy Development, College of Science and Technology, Royal University of Bhutan in collaboration with IEEE R10 Bhutan Subsection and IEEE Power and Energy Society on 13th May 2021 from 2:00PM to 3:30PM.

The main aim of the webinar was to discuss the challenges of measurement and controlling frequency in AC power systems. The speaker for the webinar was Professor Francisco M.G. Longatt (Ph.D.), University of South-Eastern Norway. More than two hundred participants comprising of students, representatives from academia, utility companies, government agencies and international participants from Norway, Nepal and India attended the webinar on Zoom platform.

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The speaker introduced the basic concept of frequency and its representation in different mathematical forms in electrical engineering and its importance in stability of the power grid. With the increase in integration of renewable energy systems which use power converters, it has become important to study the impact of frequency on the stability of the AC power grid. Professor Longatt shared his research findings on the character of frequency in power systems with a large share of renewables in the power grid and its characteristics. The webinar focused on measurement of frequency with accuracy and also the capacity to recover in case of frequency deviation. An overwhelming number of questions were posed to the speaker, focusing on frequency stability in the grid with low inertia, future of grid with power converters, grid forming converters and stability of the local grid in case of gridlocked AC power grids.

The fourth Annual Student Research Meet (SRM) was organized by the office of Dean of Research and Industrial Linkages in collaboration with IEEE R10 Bhutan Subsection on 16th May 2021. As the region was under lockdown due to the pandemic, the event was organized online using Zoom platform. This was the second time the college organized the event online due to the pandemic that prevented mass gatherings. The main objectives were to provide a platform for the students to share their research work and to build a healthy student research ecosystem while encouraging collaborative and interdisciplinary research.

This year a total of 11 research projects were presented by participants from 5 different programs namely Civil, Electrical, Electronics and Communication, IT and Architecture. The research projects presented in the SRM had gone through pre-selection at the program and department level to reach college competition. The best awards recipients for SRM2021 were:

1.To develop a mobile application to preserve and promote Bhutan’s Driglam Namzha (IT Programme).
2.Sublime in Architecture: Promotion of Culture through Sublime Architecture (Architecture Programme)
3.Augmented Reality Guide App for College of Science and Technology (Electronics and Communication Programme)

All winners were awarded with certificates and cash prizes during the graduation ceremony.