IEEE Jeppiaar Engineering College Student Branch [Madras Section]

A Day at the Orphanage

Priyadharshini S, Chair for IEEE Jeppiaar Engineering College Student Branch

The spread of COVID-19 has put many lives at stake. It’s been a difficult time for people around the world. Unemployment and starvation have become a huge threat to the different people of society. Large group of children has lost their parents and were unable to continue education during these pandemic. As school was their only place of self-growth, self-development, and exposure to the outer world, this may increase mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, and other mental health disorders. To provide moral support to the young souls, the IEEE community of JEC together arranged a program to interact with these children.

Priyadharshini S, Rajavendhan G, Poongkuzhali and Jagadeeswaran K, the student members of the IEEE Student Branch Jeppiaar Engineering College, IEEE Madras Section visited Gladden Children Home, a home situated in Kovilambakkam on 2nd January 2021. This program involved donations, where members of the student branch actively donated money for this program. The donation was spent on fulfilling the requirements of the children at the orphanage, these gifts were given as presents for Christmas and New Year celebrations. These presents were bought based on the various age categories so that it can be useful for all the children.

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On visiting the home, they were warmly welcomed by the person-in-charge of Gladden Children Home. The children were overjoyed and eager to see their new visitors. The members made an interaction with the children by introducing themselves, talking about their interests and motivating them, followed by playing games such as Anthakshari, hide and seek, etc. SB members also arranged a music DJ to play songs, so the children could dance to the tunes along with them. The day came to an end by surprising the children with presents and chocolates.

No matter how big or small moments may be, these will always remain unforgettable in those children and the member’s hearts. It was truly an amazing experience for the members to make a small change in the lives of these children. Emphasizing and cheering should always be a part of human life as it is our responsibility.