IEEE Region 10 Symposium (TENSYMP) 2021

Good Technologies for Creating Future

Prepared by: Bee Theng Lau, IEEE R10 Newsletter Editor

2021 IEEE Region 10 Symposium, TENSYMP is a flagship technical conference of IEEE Region 10. It dates back to 2013. Since then, TENSYMP has grown into a premier IEEE conference. TENSYMP was hosted by IEEE Seoul Section for the first time and held in Korea for the first time. With the world suffering from the coronavirus for nearly two years, engineers, scientists, and researchers have no doubt been facing difficulty researching and communicating with colleagues.

For the researchers in the coronavirus pandemic, TENSYMP 2021 was conducted in a hybrid form with the theme of ‘Good Technologies for Creating Future’, allowing the speakers and participants to join TENSYMP 2021 and share ideas on the technologies to overcome the present difficulties and create a prosperous future, with the comfort from their countries. TENSYMP 2021 lasted for three days, with 180 papers accepted and presented in 21 oral sessions, four poster sessions, seven invited sessions, and three special sessions. In regular sessions, many excellent ideas were presented in communications, signal processing, control, energy, devices, and computing fields.

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In the invited and special sessions, state-of-the­art technologies were introduced in blockchain, 6G, intelligent devices, MIMO, MAC, and AI-based on hardware. During the plenary session, Mr. Deepak Mathur shared with the audience an overview of IEEE Region 10. In addition, the conference also had the pleasure to have Duckhyun Chang, Executive Vice President of Sensor Business at Samsung Electronics, share with the participants the ‘Image Sensor Journey to the human Eye and Beyond’. Woohyeon Cheong, the founder of the Seoul Ethereum meetup and CEO of Atomrigs Consulting, Inc and Acecom, Inc., also presented at this conference on the theme of ‘Wallet War for DApps: The Protest of Decentralized Technologies Against Centralized Governance’. Their industry-focused talks had indeed enlightened the congregation from various parts of the world.

Most of the participants encountered stimultating intellectual deliberations and had an unforgettable three fruitful days in TENSYMP 2021. According to the chair and co-chair, TENSYMP 2021 was a great success due to the enthusiastic support of all the outstanding organizing and technical program committee members..