Islamabad Section

SAC Leadership Summit 2021

Moiz Ahmad, SAC Representative for IEEE Islamabad Section

IEEE Islamabad Section SAC leadership Summit 2021, hosted by NUST SEECS, was commenced on 27th August 2021 (GMT+5). The event started at 9:00AM sharp with welcome notes by Chairperson NUST SEECS during its Opening Ceremony. Participation kits were distributed and registrations were confirmed before 9:00AM. After the opening remarks, six consecutive events were executed from 9:15AM to 1:00PM.

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The first session on Membership Development was conducted by Ms. Mahrukh Rehman and Ms. Suman Zahoor at 9:15AM. It was an introductory session about IEEE, disseminating the benefits of IEEE membership and spreading its awareness among volunteers. Followed that, a seminar on “Personal Branding” was conducted by Dr. Inam Ullah Khan. The speaker guided the participants about the importance of marketing themselves. Some tips and experiences were also shared by the speaker. At 10:20AM, a seminar on “Conflict Management & Resolution” was delivered by Ms. Maimoona Rehman who brilliantly presented on the topic. The speaker defined the topic briefly and guided the participants about various ways of managing a conflict and the necessary measures required for its resolution. After the event, Student Branch Chairs and their teams were relocated in the conference room for the Branch Chairs meeting. Plans were discussed and discussions were carried out with Branch Chairs regarding Annual Reporting, Vtools Event Reporting and Officers Reporting from 11:00AM to 12:20PM. In parallel to this, a seminar on “Personality Development, Confidence Building & The Art of Selling Your Skills” took place at 11:10 a.m. by speaker Dr. Durre Shahwar who precisely yet effectively delivered a talk covering all aspects of the topic. A Tech Talk on “Multi-model Approach for Crop Health Mapping using Low Altitude Remote Sensing, IoT and Machine Learning” was executed by speaker, Dr. Rafia Mumtaz at 11:25AM.

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The speaker acquainted every participant with all three technical topics. The seminar was followed by lunch and Jummah break at 12:20PM. The final module of summit started at 1:40PM by SAC Chair Engr. Muzamil Mahmood who presented the session on Volunteer Leadership Training (VoLT) program. All basic ethics and rules were described briefly and an overview of the VoLT program was given. The session was followed by a networking break of 20 minutes and refreshment was offered to the participants. At last, closing ceremony was commenced by the host student branch with some closing remarks by IEEE SEECS WIE Chairperson followed by few words from the principal of NUST SEECS. Shields were distributed among speakers and IEEE SB Fatima Jinnah Women University for being the ‘Best Student Branch’ of the event. Lastly, certificates were provided to all participants and the event was concluded at 3:30PM.