Kansai Section LMAG

The 1st IEEE Kansai Section Educational Activities Event: Learn Cutting-Edge-Technologies in English (Co-hosted by Kansai Section LMAG)

Tohru Chiba, Vice Chair for IEEE LMAG Kansai

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The 1st IEEE Kansai Section Educational Activities Event aimed to encourage young researchers and high school students. It was held on 21st August 2021, in hybrid format following IEEE COVID-19 guidance. During the second session of the event, the organizer utilized the video of Professor Yoshua Bengio’s keynote speech titled “Challenges for Deep Learning towards AI” from the 2019 International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) cited from the IEEE Learning Network. To help the attendee’s understanding, a short video was produced and showed before the main video, providing the outline, background, and aims of the studies in the speech. In keeping with the theme of the video, the Japanese narration of the short video was created using an AI voice synthesizer.