Malabar Subsection

Roadmap to Success in Engineering Studies

Sabiq P V, Chair for IEEE Malabar Subsection

In India, more than 2.5 million students pass out of 12th grade with science streams every year. They then appear for different competitive exams to get seats in various engineering colleges throughout the country. It is seen that many students face a lot of confusion while opting for a specific branch of study. Some students are very particular about their aim, because for them they have the critical influence from their parents who are already in the engineering stream. However, there are more students and their parents who are tangled about the different branches. The two most protuberant questions mystifying these parents and engineering aspirant children nowadays are: which college, and which branch?

In order to guide engineering aspirants and their parents in familiarizing various branches of engineering education and how to make best use of the four years in an engineering institute, IEEE Malabar Subsection (MSS) conceptualized the program called Roadmap to Success in Engineering Studies. The program that started in 2012 has undoubtedly become the flagship event of IEEE MSS. The title Roadmap to Success was coined by Prof. (Dr.) K. P Mohandas which was later finalized and christened as Roadmap to Success in Engineering Studies by Dr. Sameer S M, Mr. Shone Jose and past student representative of MSS. This year the subsection organized its tenth edition of the event. The event was inaugurated by Dr. Sathidevi P S, Director-In-Charge, NIT Calicut. Dr. K P Mohandas, Dr. Lillykutty Jacob, Dr. Madhu Kumar S D and Dr. Sameer S M addressed the participants.

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Inaugural session was followed by talks on emerging engineering branches. Dr. Jayaraj P B, Assistant Professor and Mr. Saimanoj A, Student Secretary, AI Club, NIT Calicut, delivered a talk on artificial intelligence and machine learning. Dr. Sreekanth M, CEO, Kabani Tech, introduced robotics and IoT to the participants. Dr. Subha DP, Associate Professor, NIT Calicut discussed the opportunities and career in biomedical engineering. The program concluded with a panel discussion on the second day. Mr. Varghese Cherian (Head, Technology Services, UST), Prof. A Ravi Kumar (Former Scientist, ISRO Ahmedabad), Dr. Jisha V R (College of Engineering, Trivandrum), Mr. Sahil Sameer (Class of 2022, IIM Indore), Ms. Pooja Haridas (Engineer, Qburst), Mr. Ferdinand Thomas (Power and Performance Engineer, Intel) and Dr. Sameer SM were the members in the panel discussion, moderated by Mr. Shone Jose (Associate Manager, Course 5i). They clarified the different doubts raised by the participants. Overall the event was very successful with 95 participants attending the event from India and outside.