R10 Life Members Committee

Prepared by: Rajendra K. Asthana, Chair for IEEE Region 10 Life Member Committee

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Life Members continued with activities in virtual mode. For the first 8 months of the year in 2021, Region 10 LMAGs have reported 110 activities compared to 80 activities during the whole of 2020. The top 4 performing R10 LMAGs in Region 10 are Kerala (40 activities), Delhi (30 activities), Tokyo (14 activities) and South Australia (5 activities). Four activities by Delhi LMAG attracted a large number of non-IEEE members (452, 381, 372 & 366 respectively). Similarly, 4 activities by Kerala LMAG attracted 285, 210, 162 and 210 IEEE Members. During the second quarter, one new Life Member Affinity Groups was formed at Sapporo Section, Japan, making a total of 4 new LMAGs formed during the year 2021.

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During this year, 5 LMC meetings have been conducted in virtual mode with the 6th meeting scheduled for 10th September 2021. The first R10 LMAG meet of the year is scheduled for 18th September 2021. Region 10 Operation Manual (2019) for Life Members was revised during July 2021 and is available on Region 10 website. Also IEEE Life Member Committee Operation Manual was approved on 26th June 2021 during the June Board meeting. This Official Operation Manual for LMC, is available on R10 LM website (https://lm.ieeer10.org/).


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The maiden Region 10 Life Members website was inaugurated on 25th July 2021 by R10 Director, Mr. Deepak Mathur. The ceremony was attended by R10 Past Director, Prof. Akinori Nishihara; Director-Elect, Prof. Chun Che (Lance) Fung; LMC Chair, Mr. Scott Atkinson; LMC LMAG Coordinators, Mr. David Bondurant; India Council Chair, Dr. Suresh Nair, R10 ExCom, LMAG Chairs, Council/Section LM Coordinators & R10 LMAC. The LM website is developed by Mr. Viraj Patel, Web Developer and YP from Gujarat Section, India. R10 LM website can be accessed at (https://lm.ieeer10.org/).


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Tokyo LMAG has won the IEEE Life Members Affinity Group Award 2021. The award consists of a Certificate of Recognition (plaque), a grant of USD2000 for future Affinity Group activities, plus a stipend of up to USD2000 for a representative to travel to the IEEE event to receive the award. LMAG Chair, Mr. T. Scott Atkinson congratulated Tokyo LMAG at a Zoom meeting on 2nd July 2021. Other invitees present were LMAC members, LMAG Tokyo officers, Region 10 Director, Director Elect and Past Director, LMC Chair, LMAG Chairs & web developers. Mr. Scott mentioned that this was the first occasion when LMC is interacting with IEEE LMAG award winners. Region 10 Director congratulated LMAG Tokyo officers who explained various activities done by them during 2020. LMAC appreciated the website, newsletter and communication with life members of Tokyo LMAG, and Mr. Scott thanked all participants.

Region 10 Life Member Activities Committee Member, Ritvik Bansal has been selected as one of the Region 10 Young Professional (YP) ambassadors. He belongs to the IEEE Delhi Section. He has recently graduated in Manufacturing Processes and Automation Engineering from Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology, Delhi and has taken up a Career in Product Management. LMAC wishes him all success.


R10 Life Member Outstanding Volunteer Award

In response to the call for R10 Life Member Outstanding Volunteer Award 2021 (launched in 2020), nominations received were evaluated by the LM Award Selection Committee. Prof. V. K. Damodaran, Kerala Section, India has been awarded the 2021 R10 Life Member Outstanding Volunteer award. Congratulations to Prof. Damodaran!

R10 Life Member Photography Competition

For the first time, the R10 Life Member Photography Competition was arranged for all Life Members in Region 10. All entries received were judged by a judging panel comprising of Region 10 ExComm. Members include Past & Current R10 Directors & Director-Elect. As per results announced, the First Prize Winner is Dr. Harbans L. Bajaj, IEEE LF, Delhi Section, India while the Second Prize Winner is Prof. Kenichi IGA, IEEE LF, Tokyo Section, Japan. Congratulations to Dr. Bajaj and Prof. Kenichi.

Category Section-Level Activities More Than 5 Years Old – First Prize Winner – Dr. Harbans L. Bajaj, IEEE Life Fellow, Delhi Section, (Certificate + Cash prize of USD200)

IEEE President Dr. Michel Lightner met Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, President of India on 29th April 2006 at Rashtrapathi Bhawan, New-Delhi, India.


Category Photographs of Historical Engineering Tools/Project – Second Prize Winner –  Prof. Kenichi IGA, IEEE Life Fellow, Tokyo Section (Certificate + Cash prize of USD100).

A VCSEL device in 1982