Sendai Section LMAG

Sendai Section LMAG Special Lecture Meeting (2021-2nd)

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Koji Mizuno, Chair for IEEE LMAG Sendai

IEEE Sendai Section LMAG held the following online Special Lecture Meeting on “Electric Power and Environmental Problem” on 10th July 2021 with 67 attendees.

World Pioneered by Wireless Power Transfer (Prof. Hidetoshi Matsuki, Tohoku University)

‘Will wireless power transfer (WPT) technology become our common sense?’ The speaker had been involved in WPT technology for nearly 40 years. In this talk, the role of wireless power supply technology is considered from the viewpoint of solution of a future energy problem.

Initiatives of Smart Power Systems in Tohoku Electric Power Company Group (Mr. Toshiyuki Yamada, Tohoku Electric Power Network Co., Inc.).

As a response to global climate change and carbon neutrality, renewable energy is introduced and developed in the Tohoku area. The speaker talked about their situations and problems such as efforts to VPP which is a new energy management system, and smart approach of network security utilizing sophistication of network operation and AI and IOT.