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The Fourth IEEE Sendai WIE Special Session

Miho Shidahara, Secretary for IEEE WIE Sendai

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The fourth IEEE Sendai WIE Special Session to share “the charm of research narrated by that female researchers” was held virtually in Tohoku-Section Joint Convention of Institutes of Electrical and Information Engineers on 27th August 2021. The session consisted of two parts. In the first part, there were 5 oral presentations from Japanese universities covering computer, applications, sensors, health related issues and so on. All presenters made efforts to give their explanations understandable and interesting to the participants even with different majors. In the second part, Dr. Emi Yuda from Tohoku University presented her special talk on “Responding to the needs of society with original research!”. Dr. Yuda’s talk stimulated the attendees for a lot of things, not only introduction of human condition measurement/estimation, but also sending the tips for continuing research happily. All attendees benefited greatly from her talk, and will be happy to challenge various researches.