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LMAG-Tokyo’s Lecture Meeting “Challenges and Future Vision of the Electric Power System toward Carbon Neutral and Resilience”

Naohisa Ohta, Vice Chair for IEEE LMAG Tokyo

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A lecture meeting on the future electric power system was held online on 6th August 2021 from 3:00PM sponsored by IEEE LMAG Tokyo with the TPC of IEEE Tokyo Section. The lecturer was Dr. Hiroshi Okamoto, Member of the Board and Executive Vice President of TEPCO Power Grid, Inc. The number of attendants was 163 (including 83 IEEE Members and 30 Life Members).

Dr. Okamoto talked on the future vision and issues of electric power systems focusing on “Carbon Neutral (CN)” that electric power companies are now facing. He first introduced a structure of electric power systems and a concept of 5D’s toward the evolution of energy industry: Deregulation (Democratization), Decentralization, Digital Transformation, Decarbonation, and Depopulation. He also discussed issues associated with transforming the demand-supply structure of energy industry to achieve Carbon Neutral. The talk attracted many questions on future energy policy and Dr. Okamoto politely answered all the questions in details.