IEEE IIT Kharagpur Student Branch [Kharagpur Section]

Guest Lectures Related to Secure Softwarized Networks and Brain-Computer Interfaces

Deborsi Basu, Chair for IEEE IIT Kharagpur Student Branch

IEEE IIT Kharagpur Student Branch, under the umbrella of the IEEE Kharagpur Section, has successfully organized two significant Invited Guest Lecturers on next-generation advanced digital and secured device technologies. The first talk on “Secure Softwarized Networks for Next Generation CPS and IoT” was delivered by Prof. Uttam Ghosh, Associate Professor of Cybersecurity at the School of Applied Computational Sciences, MMC, TN, USA on 26th April 2022 which was attended by 16 IEEE and 25 guest members. The second talk was given by Prof. Amit Konar, Professor of Cybernetics and Cognitive Neuroscience, Dept. of Electronics and Tele-Communication Engineering, Jadavpur University, West Bengal, India on “Brain- Computer Interfaces for Neuro-Prosthetic and Rehabilitative Applications” on 6th June 2022 which was attended by 42 IEEE and 32 guest members. Both of the lectures witnessed extremely engaging, interesting, and informative sessions. The talks primarily focus on the implications of artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques.