IEEE IIT Kharagpur Student Branch [Kharagpur Section]

Recent Activities 

Anjali Raj, IEEE IIT Kharagpur Computer Chapter

On 5th February 2022, a webinar was held to make the participants aware about the “Investment in the Current Context of the Indian Economy” that attracted 17 participants, including students from
different backgrounds. Investing provides financial security in the now and the future by allowing one to grow money while outperforming inflation. The discussion covered a variety of topics related to the financial investment industry in today’s Indian economy, as well as the concept of crypto currencies.  Another webinar on “Educational Stress & the Difference between Good and Bad Stress” was held on 5
th March 2022, that enlightened 26 attendees from different walks of life. In today’s culture, stress appears to have become a household phrase. This talk explored the world of educational stress, as well as how stress may be beneficial at times and various stress management approaches. Both the webinars concluded with wonderful Q&A sessions.