R10 Life Member Personality of the Month – Alan L. Harvey

Victoria Section

Alan Harvey became an IEEE member in 1987 and joined the executive committee as Circuits and Systems (CAS) Chair in 2008.  In that role, he presided over several technical seminars for local engineers and academics as well as distinguished lecturers mainly from the United States. When he became Section Chair in 2018, he stepped down from his position as CAS chair. He was editor of Uplink, the newsletter for IEEE Victoria section for 10 years.During his tenure as Chair, he put in a successful proposal for organizing R10 administration meeting at Melbourne in 2019. This meeting was held at the Pullman Hotel near central Melbourne in March 2019 with an attendance of 115. The meeting was attended by the IEEE President José M. F. Moura, President-Elect Toshio Fukuda as well as President-Elect candidates Kathy Land and Dejan S. Milojicic. 

The IEEE Victorian section has been active and operational since the late 70’s and is perhaps the longest standing Section in Australia.  It has 21 chapters contributing large numbers of technical meetings and personal development meetings to the IEEE community. For several years, meetings were held at RMIT but of late, meetings are held now at CQU, Central Queensland University Melbourne campus.  These meetings have partially transitioned to a video conference and now with COVID 19, the section proposes to meet regularly by video or audio conference. He has given several technical lectures in Malaysia during the last decade. He attended the Circuits and Systems tea party at University of Petronas Malaysia organized by his friend Fawnizu Azmadi Hussin.

Life membership was awarded in 2018. Alan has organized several industrial visits to electrical companies during his tenure at Circuits and Systems.   He has also initiated two workshops, one on rapid electronic system prototyping and the other on sensors and sensor networks. After finishing his term as Chair, Alan took over as vice-chair of the Life Members affinity group and also continues to take active interest in the Circuits and Systems chapter.  Dr. Harvey is currently employed at company Acupak Pty Ltd which sells medical lasers.  He had a 34-year career at RMIT University and a 15-year career in industry including some years at BP Australia and BP UK.  He was Senior Engineer at Automatic Accessories in 1973.