R10 Medium Section of the Month – Nagoya Section

Prepared by: Jun Sato, Secretary for Nagoya Section

The IEEE Nagoya Section was established in 1999 under Japan Council, and currently has about 1,300 members including the President of IEEE, Prof. Toshio Fukuda. Since Nagoya and its surrounding area is the largest industrial center of Japan, the Section has long standing collaborations between academia and industry. These collaborations have resulted in several IEEE Milestones of history, including the Milestone of Bullet Train “Shinkansen”. Fundamental research is also strong in this area, and the Section has Nobel laureates as Nagoya Section members.

The Nagoya Section recently started WIE affinity group activities. For celebrating its establishment, Nagoya WIE Startup Event was held last December. IEEE R10 Director Prof. Nishihara and former chair of IEEE WIE Prof. Hashimoto delivered special lectures. This event helped strengthen collaboration across genders and generations. The Nagoya Section also has YP and LMAG affinity groups, and close cooperation amongst these three affinity groups is the plan for the future. Since the Nagoya Section exists in the industrial center of Japan with lots of support from these companies, the Section awarded two domestic companies with the IEEE Supporting Friend of MGA award.

Nagoya section is also awarding young researchers and students. Two local conferences are held every year, and excellent student presenters are awarded the Student Awards. The Young Researcher Awards and the International Conference Presentation Awards are also awarded to young people who published high quality work in journals and conferences. All of these activities encouraged young researchers and students, and contributed to enhancing the Section activities.

Nagoya Section was recently awarded the 2018 R10 Best Membership Retention Medium Section Award, the Gold Medal of 2018 Outstanding Section Membership Recruitment and Retention Performance, and the 2017 R10 1st Place in Retention Category.