Tokyo Section

Takashi Yamada, Vice-Chair for IEEE Tokyo Section History Committee

“High Electron Mobility Transistor, HEMT” IEEE Milestone Dedication Ceremony and Commemorative Lectures

The “High Electron Mobility Transistor, HEMT”, invented in 1979 was certified as a milestone in technology. The dedication ceremony for the IEEE milestone was held on 18th December 2019 at Empire Hotel Tokyo. First, Dr. Hideyuki Tokuda, Chair of IEEE Tokyo Section, gave a welcoming speech, followed by Dr. Toshio Fukuda, the then President-Elect of IEEE. Next, a plaque was presented by Dr. Toshio Fukuda to Dr. Hirotaka Hara, CEO of Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. The plaque is to be put on display at their Laboratory in Atsugi, Kanagawa.

After the dedication ceremony, a lecture session was held with 88 participants. Dr. Isao Shirakawa, IEEE Japan Council History Committee Chair, Dr. Takashi Mimura, Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. Honorary Fellow, Dr. Hiroyuki Sakaki, Toyota School Foundation Managing Director, Dr. Iwao Hosako, NICT Advanced ICT Research Institute Director General and Dr. Kenji Watanabe, Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. Devices & Materials Research Center Director General gave the lectures.